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Photo Friday

Okay, time for more exploration of downtown Frederick. Last week, I showed off St John’s Cemetery and today, we will look at a school associated with the parish. The Visitation Academy has been a part of Frederick since 1846. If you were to look at the school from the street, you would only see the brick walls. I have been lucky enough to go into the chapel associated with the academy for a mass. I am hoping to make arrangements to see the inner courtyards and photograph them at some point. But the outside is a series of beautiful buildings.



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Sheep Circles?

I just saw a funny article over on the Daily Mail’s website about sheep circles. I know that I had heard of crop circles before but never sheep circles. And if you read the article, you will see that the sheep formed the circle themselves. Wool on the hoof is smart.

(Photo is from the Daily Mail website.)

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