Do I? Or Don’t I?

Do I or don’t I? That is hand wash my socks. and the reason is that depending on which story you believe in the local paper, my town‘s water shed was contaminated by a manure spill late last week. The initial story as to what happened differs greatly from what is in today’s paper. The story keeps changing day to day as to what happened. But it put it in simple terms, the water is safe right now for bathing and washing cloths but it is not safe for drinking or cooking.

A pipe line is being installed by the county to hook us up to water from the City of Frederick. The line should be finished today but the pipes all need to be flushed out afterwards before we will have safe water. Right now, you have to boil water or use bottled water. I have boiled some water but am using bottled water for drinking and cooking. It is a pain in the rear when it is time to brush your teeth though to remember that the water is not potable.

You can tell by the smell of the water that extra chemicals such as chlorine are being added to the water. And some of the minerals that are normally filtered out of the water are not being filtered out right now. We have really hard water to start with so there is plenty of lime in the water.

My house gets it water straight from the main water pipe running through town. So I can tell when there are problems with the water before my parents would notice them. Late Sunday, we almost ran out of water in the town system. The county has been bringing in water tankers to the treatment plant to help flush out the system. And the smell of the chemicals is really strong right now in the water.

And the problem is that I am out of clean hand knit socks to wear. But I am leery of hand washing them in this water with the extra chemicals in it right now. Almost every single pair of hand knit socks that I own are made from hand dyed yarns.

And there is actual knitting going on. The other three who were at knit group Saturday actually saw me knitting. My Clapotis 4.1 is almost ready for the decrease rows. I have one more straight repeat left to go. And I actually did start a new pair of socks using the new yarn from the Semi-Solid Club from Zen Yarn Garden. And surprise, surprise!!! I am doing it top down and on dpns!!! Photos shortly. I want to get a little bit more of the leg finished first.

And stop over to Roxanne’s blog or her Ravelry page and wish her happy birthday today!!!!


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7 responses to “Do I? Or Don’t I?

  1. hi there. i would hand wash my socks but only after having boiled the water and let it cool first. Just me! We went through something similar last month when we had flooding. I had huge pots of water boiled at the ready!

  2. After Katrina they added extra stuff to the water for about 2 months. Ick. But I don’t think anything was ruined for it, and we definitely washed plenty of clothes in it! I would wait though until you can’t smell the chlorine, have you run the water in your house to clear your own lines? We were told to do that for an hour to clear ours, a bit overkill, but I did!!

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your water. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon. I think I’d wait to wash the socks too. Can’t wait to see the new ones your knitting!

  4. I think you should just take the afternoon off and go knit new socks. You could probably have a pair done if you knit non stop by tomorrow. I know you have some larger sock yarn in that stash.

    “Excuses me, I need to go home and knit it is a medical emergency I have cold feet!!!”

    I really wouldn’t wash them until you have better water. Especially with some of the dyes lately.

  5. I would either use bottled water (1 or 2 pairs of socks don’t need that much water) or try and knit a new pair of socks… I have been known to do that hehehe. I hate laundry, so I will quickly (over the weekend) knit a new pair of socks rather than washing them πŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva

  6. Oh no! I’d wait to wash — yuck.

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Mia. Be on the lookout for a parcel or two. πŸ™‚

  7. kenworthknitter

    Hi Mia,

    I think that the water situation is part and parcel of living in a small town, although I wasn’t aware that Walkersville wasn’t on the Frederick water supply. I know that we’ll be on well water once we get our house built, and I’m hoping that the water is good. Some of the water in the valley is actually carbonated.

    I didn’t forget, just haven’t been on the computer much….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!