Babysitting Duty

Well, there was a post planned for today but my SIL needed to run some things off for church and my youngest nephew came along with her to the office. I ended up playing with him instead of writing a post. One of the nice things about a family business is getting to put off work to play with an almost 3 year old.

I also spent an hour over at town hall this morning. Wal-Mart has donated water to the residents of the town and I walked over to get mine this morning. But the problem is that the truck was delayed by weather. I ended up helping out a member of the town council tell people that the truck was delayed and would be in later today until her husband showed up to help her. Her husband is a member of the fire company and he was down at the engine that is helping to pump the water into town.

A pipeline has been set up to hook us into the water system for the city of Frederick. The pumping station right next to the river broke down last night and the fire company has placed our engine tanker out of service to serve as a temporary pump until later today when the city pump will be fixed. The entire system has to still be sanitized but the town water department is hoping to have everything online by Friday.

While I was there, I did learn more details as to what has happened. But of course, I can’t say anything about it yet. There are more details in the article in today’s paper. All I can say is that we re going to be on city water for months this time and that the Maryland Department of the environment is still investigating. But all food places and dentists offices in town are closed until the health department is satisfied with the test results. Even the hair salons are sort of closed. They can cut hair but the town is recommended that they don’t do colors until next week due to the extra chemicals in the water right now.

I am boiling water for a third time before washing a few hand knit socks. The guys at the water plant in town said that should get the extra chemicals out of the water and be safe for my socks than. Once the water problem is resolved, I really need to bake them some cookies again. The guys at the water plant are the same ones who plow the streets.


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7 responses to “Babysitting Duty

  1. if there is chlorine in there, leaving the water in an open container for a day or two will dechlorinate. good luck with the water situation and the sock washing.

  2. Nancy

    What do you know…here I’ve been lurking on your blog and all the while we were neighbors! I live in Ijamsville. Good luck with the water…what a bummer. 😦

  3. And so, the saga continues! Hopefully it will all be taken care of sooner rather than later!

  4. Can you neutralize the chlorine with vinegar in the wash water? Or would that just add more mess to the mix. I hope they get it all cleaned up for you soon!

  5. amy

    1. Two words that should never go together “manure lagoon.”

    2. Did the guys at the water treatment plant think it was odd that you were asking about washing your socks?

    I hope they find a workable situation for you all really soon.

  6. Sigh… good luck to you and all Frederick residents with the water situation!

  7. Wow… I just read part of the article… I think you all can be lucky it happened in the middle of winter and not in a hot summer where the bacteria would reproduce at a superfast rate… even so, the word ‘E.coli’ chilled me to the bone…
    Hope it will all get better soon.
    Hugs, Eva