Ways to Pass the Time

With the water not being safe to drink quite yet, I have had had to find ways to pass the time. After boiling water twice to use for hand washing my socks, I let the water sit. And after looking at it, I decided against using the water. I initially got the water from the faucet late Monday night and that water still had a lot of sediment in it. Actually it was probably mud. Turns out the the town almost ran out of water Monday night so I must have gotten my water around that time. And for those who were wondering, no, the guys on the town maintenance crews did not find anything odd about me asking about whether or not the water was safe for my to use for hand washing my socks. I am well known in town for knitting socks. I walk to the post office working on a sock if the weather is warm enough for bare fingers. I have gone to town meetings and knit. I go to the local sandwich shop and sit there and knit. I knit at fire company meetings. So everyone in town is pretty much used to seeing me knitting and wearing hand knits. If I am walking to the post office all bundled up, they know me by my hand knit scarves and hats.

I went over to town hall last night to pick up some bottled water that was donated by Wal-Mart and was talking to one of the guys on town maintenance crew. I asked if what type of cookies they wanted after this mess is over. I treat them to cookies several times a year just because. They are the ones who try not to pile too much snow up on my sidewalk or at the base of one of my drive ways. (I have a retaining wall in the front and my sidewalk and driveway are at the top of a side street where they need to push the snow.)

Now on to the knitting. Since I can’t really cook the way I am used to with the water issues, I have been knitting instead. I have been working on my Clapotis. But to be honest, I was side tracked by my new sock yarn. I started a new sock using Down by the Bay from the Harmony Semi-Solid Club I received last week. I am doing the Hedgerow Socks pattern that was offered featured in Knitter’s Review.


And last night, since I was trying to be creative and wanting to use up some blackberries that are in the freezer. (I only froze about 30 quarts.) I decided to make a clafouti. A clafouti is usually associated with cherries but you can use any fruit to make it. And since I know that I washed my berries before freezing them, I wouldn’t have to worry about washing them. I have made them before using plain soy milk but I actually made this one using regular milk. I kind of followed this recipe but blended everything but the berries in the blender. It was good last night but I ate a little bite of it for lunch and it was even better. I will be saving this recipe and making it again. I have some plums in the fruit bowl that aren’t quite ripe yet. Maybe I will try one with plums….


Over the past weekend, I went to my stitch group. This was the first time I had gone to the Westminster meet-up since the location was switched. The bakery where we are now meeting is fantastic. The vegan cupcake I had perfect. And of course, the company is always a delight. Suz was there and she had picked up Carla and brought her. Steph showed up and was working on a cabled project. And as is the norm for us, none of us wanted our time to end. So the four of us ended up going out for dinner. This group is always fun to hang out with is all I can say.


And just a quick note that I am way behind on my email but I am working through it slowly.


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8 responses to “Ways to Pass the Time

  1. The clafouti looks so good! I hope you have safe water soon!

  2. Still no water, well I hope it comes back soon. The socks look great so far. That color really pretty and the clafouti looks yummy!

  3. I love clafouti, it’s about the only reason I’ll turn on my oven in the summer. We are surrounded by soft fruit orchards in my area. And thanks for the Hedgerow link!

  4. You forget how much you use water for everything! It must have been awful before indoor plumbing. Hope they get it up and running and safe soon.

    That clafouti looks so good…

  5. Only 30 qts of blackberries!?! Sounds like a lot to me — but then again, they’re awfully delicious. I’ll have to try the recipe.

    You’re working on some nice BLUE projects right now. 🙂

  6. i just find it amusing that you made a clafouti while working on your clapotis.

  7. whoneedsgauge

    Hope you get water back soon! Your camera is great, the pic of Suz is the best!

  8. amy

    The clafouti sounds perfectly yummy.