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I have been trying to eat healthier for several reasons not the least of which is that I feel better. And I am also trying new foods that I normally would never eat. I am the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of squash other than in zucchini fritters. But for Thanksgiving, I roasted vegetables and included butternut squash because my mother likes it. And it wasn’t bad roasted. And after seeing a recipe idea on some one’s Flickr page, I decided that I would give it a try. LizI used to blog over at Pocket Farmer but she is not blogging now. But she takes fantastic photos and has some great recipes. So I decided to try her recipe suggestion last night.

I managed to find a small butternut squash at the grocery store and I always have plenty of garlic on hand. So I cut the squash in half and drizzled a little bit of oil on the cut surface and place a garlic head in each seed cavity and flipped them cut side down. I also throw in another head of garlic and an onion to roast. I also had some portobello mushrooms that I roasted separately with garlic and olive oil. The smell in the house last night while everything was roasting was fantastic. I let the squash roast for about 40 minutes before I add the mushroom dish to the oven. The squash was done perfectly and the shell fell off when I lifted it up. The garlic had perfumed the squash while it roasted. And I have plenty of roasted garlic now to last for a few days.


I cut up the onion and put some squash pieces on top of the onion. Squeeze some roasted garlic on top and follow with roasted mushrooms. I did add a little bit of freshly grated Parmesan cheese after taking the photo. And the best part of dinner was that clean up was two pan that could go in the dishwasher and 40 minutes of knitting time while dinner cooked itself.

And last week Jodi over at A Caffeinated Yarn gave me youmakemyday.jpg“A You Make My Day Award.” This award is given to several people who make your day. I am not sure if I can come up with ten people but here are the people who make my day when I read their blogs.

Obviously Jodi is some one whose blog makes my day but I can’t nominate her again.

But Kitty Kitty and Meow Girl who blog together over at Knit Buddies make my day. And even though I do pick on him like crazy, I will have to nominate Mac who happens to be Kitty Kitty’s Husband and Meow Girl’s brother. He is tech support who you can understand and will explain things to you in terms you can understand.

And even though the next duo really don’t blog like crazy, they can podcast like crazy. Katia and Kylie Mac are always a sure fire day to brighten your day when you listen to them argue, let me change that to discuss their opinions on living in France and the differences between Kylie’s Australian English and Kylie’s mid-west English among other things.

And as a result of listening to these two, I have been led to some other wonderful bloggers. And one of them just happens to knit as well. Vivi of Dispatches from France is another expat living in France and she has a fantastic southern accent that always adds another dimension the podcast. And the fact that she is a knitter is an added bonus.

I have love to read Mickelino of Frog with a Blog‘s posts and watch the tv shows he produces that are super funny.

And Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden is fantastic. She is one of my all time favorite dyers too.

I also would like to nominate Greta from Lifelong Knitter. She is a really fantastic person to get to know. She is a fantastic mother; all that you have to do to see that is see the successes of both Daughter Bird and Boy Bird.

There are many others that are among my required daily blog reading and who make my day. But these are just a few of them.


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