Okay, could some one tell me where winter is? It is currently 65 degrees F (or 19 C) here right now and raining. And yet the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is for snow showers. Maybe winter will come back. I do like the warmer weather but it just isn’t right at this time of year.

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and in this area it means kinkling day. Kinklings are basically a donut but are made for Shrive Tuesday. Kinklings are also known as Fasnachts or Paczki. And in the interest of the blog, I went to the store yesterday and purchased what was available. I bought cinnamon sugar coated ones or plain as they were labeled. I also bought ones labeled as paczki which had a white cream filling and were coated with powdered sugar. I took both boxes up to my SIL’s and left most of them up there. She already had some but with raisins. So I managed to get a raisin one from her and she took some of the ones I had just bought. She said that she is going to try and cut out of the extra sweets around the house but with a 13 year old boy and an 11 year old girl, I seriously doubt it. And knowing my brother, he won’t give up his sweets. He has cut down on them but he has never ever managed to not eat them. My niece asked me before I left if I was leaving her enough kinklings since her older brother doesn’t share. Her younger brother was more interested in the cupcakes I had also brought by.


Yes, I also bought cupcakes in addition to a dozen kinklings. See today is my brother’s birthday. And I bought him a birthday cake. I bought 4 chocolate cupcakes for him. There was one for each decade. And a friend from Starbucks made sure that I got them. I also took 2 vanilla cupcakes to his house since my youngest nephew tends to get hyper from chocolate. And the kids wanted to put candles on the cupcakes but my brother ate one before they could do it. And he is still discovering the nice little present I made him. I took several photos from when he was little and scanned them and made a little flyer that simply said ‘guess who is turning 40?’ on it. Some one else took them to the police barrack. And I was nice and did the nice photos, I couldn’t find the ones that showed him crying. And the funny thing is that one of the other troopers thought one photo was my oldest nephew and my brother’s best friend thought one of the baby photos was my youngest nephew!! Everyone at the barrack liked the photos.

On the knitting front, I have been trying to finish my Clapotis. Well as the photo shows, I have six feet of yarn left and I am not going to make it. So I am going to carefully frog it back to where I started the decrease rows and remove one of the straight repeats. That will give me enough yarn to finish it. The difference in length won’t be that much. So tonight will be frogging and restarting my decreases. But this UFO will get finished hopefully soon!!!!


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  1. I’ll be happy to send you our winter. More snow and cold for the next few days…we’re so over it!