Wonderful Friends

I received in the mail yesterday and today, two wonderful packages from my friend Jodi over at A Caffeinated Yarn. She is a wonderful person to get to know. She also knows how to put together wonderful packages. She is a PhD student and obviously very smart and she loves to read as much as I do. So we trade books back and forth all of the time.

The first package I received is full of books that I am anxious to read. We have similar tastes in reading but with some slight differences. And that the differences mean that we both expand our horizons. I have a box of books almost ready to send out to her. And after I finish reading the books that she just sent me, I will post them up her for some one to claim and I will pass them on.

The box I received today was full of goodies. Jodi had wrapped everything with care. The first thing I opened was a small squishy package. And inside the package was a tiny gray kitty. Okay, not a real kitty but a nice little knitted one. There is also a nice little red scarf that she knit for me. It is kind of hard to see it in the photos though. Blame the photographer.

She also helped me increase my yarn stash with a few skeins of yarn. She sent me a skien of Cherry Tree Hill in blues/purples which will be nice socks. She also sent me two skeins of Nature’s Palette in the color Odd Duck. There is plenty of purples in both skeins. She also sent me a skein of Fleece Artist. If I had to pick just one yarn company to knit with forever, it would be Fleece Artist. But unfortunately, no one near me carries Fleece Artist so I always have to order it from the internet. But I have never met one of their yarns I don’t like. And Jodi sent me a skein of Blue Faced Leicester DK in periwinkle. I see mittens coming up.

But she didn’t stop there. She also sent me a nice orange scented soap and some creme for my hands. And there is a little packet of Swedish fish. They happen to be my downfall candy wise. It is well known that I am a tea drinker. And Jodi sent me two new teas to try. I have always liked Celestial Seasonings teas and she send me Madagascar Vanilla Red. She also sent me a box of Earl Grey from two leaves and a bud. I have tried several different teas from two leaves and a bud and loved them all. Earl Grey was actually on my list to get this weekend to try.


I worked some on the Clapotis last night. I had to rip back aways and I had to get creative with picking up the dropped stitches. A crochet hook can be your best friend at times. I picked up a few and started working on the shawl. I think I may be able to get it this time.



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3 responses to “Wonderful Friends

  1. hahaha, didn’t you mean to say that it is a good thing that no one in your area carries Fleece Artist!!! * evil * grin

  2. YAY! I’m glad everything got there OK. I think you’re a GREAT person to know, Mia! I still have a mini-quilt in the works for you, too, but I’m just so slow at getting things done lately.

    Hope you like the books — it’s perfect that we have slightly different but overlapping tastes! BTW, I thought you would be excited about the Fleece Artist. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful package! How cool that you guys trade books back and forth like that.