Winter Has Returned

We have gone from temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s back down to as low as 5 this morning. It is actually at the high for today at 25!!! But there is no snow to go with the cold. Yesterday was so windy that I stayed inside all day and listened to the storm windows rattle. I had planned to spend the day sewing but considering that the studio and my bedroom are on the front of the house, I changed my mind. Can you guess which side of the house, the wind was hitting? To give you a clue as to the temperature difference int he house, my bedroom was reading about 57 and the living room was reading 67.

I spend a good portion of the day instead sitting on the couch while I made soup and knitted. I managed to catch up on quite a few podcasts yesterday.

I was at quilt guild on Thursday night and it was our annual white elephant auction. You bring in unwanted stuff and the money raised goes into our speaker fund. I was very good and brought in a bunch of patterns and left my checkbook at home. I had one check with me to pay my dues and two dollars in my wallet. I had the camera and my knitting. I had some one take a photo of me knitting to probe that I do knit in public.


I also took tons of photos that I need to edit and pick some to send in to the guild newsletter. But I had to take a few photo of the cake some one had made and brought in for the refreshments. It was a German chocolate cake but the topping is what made it special. There was another cake there but this one is the one that had only crumbs left. And no, I did not try the cake. I am not exactly a fan of Peeps.


And yes, that is a new sock in the photo. But I also frogged two socks yesterday that have been on the needles for over 6 months. So starting one new one is being good.


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4 responses to “Winter Has Returned

  1. You certainly know how to spend a miserable weather day. Soup and socks…perfect.

  2. Guinifer

    That Peep cake is really cute, though I woudn’t eat a piece either.

  3. globetrotteri

    Hi Mia,

    The only thing I love about cold, wet, miserable weather is what comes out of my art box. There’s nothing better than sitting inside and creating. I miss those days in Canada when I could sit by the window and watch the snow fall. I’m always most productive with my beading during the winter.

    The weather here in Taiwan is freezing, and the lack of indoor heating makes doing anything with your hands practically impossible. We’ve been miserable the last few weeks. I finally hauled some of my scrapbooking stuff out today now that the weather has warmed a few degrees.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all your newest creations!

  4. amy

    That is one of the funniest cakes I have ever seen!

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