The Way to a ….

Okay, it is pretty easy to guess that the way to a teen age boy’s heart is food. And my nephew is no exception. My stitch group alternates between two ends of the county and once a month, we meet at the Starry Night Bakery. And the bakery has this wonderful sinfully rich chocolate éclair. Well, I am pretty sure that it is sinfully rich but I trust Steph’s word on this one. I was good the last time we were there and had a vegan cupcake. Well, I mentioned this death by chocolate monster to my nephew. And I seriously doubt that any 13-year old boy has ever meet anything chocolate that they won’t eat.

So I asked Steph if she would mind picking one up for me last Friday since we were meeting on Saturday at the opposite end of the county. And she was nice enough to pick up the éclair and 3 vegan cupcakes for me. My nephew has sent me a few SMS about when was I going to get him this chocolate treat. When I dropped off the treats to my brother’s house, my brother and SIL were at the Barry Manilow concert in DC. The tickets were a Christmas gift to my SIL from her mother. The kids were being watched by their other grandmother and I timed it so they had just finished dinner. The youngest boy was just happy to see me and could care less about the treats but the older two were happy to see them. I seriously had to keep the oldest boy from eating the entire éclair in one sitting. But as you can tell from the photo, the taste testing of the cupcakes went well. She wanted to know if I had a recipe so we could make some. And the youngest is a ham when he sees the camera. He wants his picture taken and he wants to see every picture taken.


It is snowing today and it started early than predicted. I did hear one of the tv weather forecasts last night say that none of the models really agreed so it would be hard to predict. But I was woken up at 5 am by the sound of the plow plowing my driveway.

And yesterday, I received some new yarn in the mail. I received the spring shipment for the Loopy Ewe sock club. And the spring color is called Refresh and it was dyed by Yarntini. I also received a package from Anne at How the West Was Spun. She had posted several skeins of yarn up on her blog late last week asking for opinions on which yarn she should use for her new project. Well I voted for the Raspberry Sea Wool and I mentioned that if she decided to not use it, that I would l love it. She emailed me and send the skein of the Sea Wool. In exchange, I have selected a skein of sock yarn out of my stash that are more her colors and am sending it to her. I picked out a color for her that will work later in Project Spectrum and I think is much more her. I hope she likes that yarn I have picked for her.


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  1. OH MY GEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. that skein of Yarntini’s gorgeous!!!

    Now I want chocolate something too… That éclair doesn’t look like what we here in Europe call an éclair, but it doesn’t look bad hehehe. I still can’t get over food being colored blue or purple, so with the cupcake the blue stuff on top would have to go for me hehehe.

    Cheers Eva – who wishes we would finally get some of the white stuff over here…

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