Yesterday in Pictures

It is easier to explain yesterday in photos.


I spent yesterday either in the living room or my studio listening to the sounds of ice sheets falling off the roof. Slate is such a nice roofing material. Ice falling off slate makes a wonderful crashing sound. And even when I went up to the attic to look through my storage boxes up there, it wasn’t as cold as you would think. And there is a metal roof on the very top of my roof where there is very little pitch and I love to go up to the attic in a rain storm to just listen. (And having just read an article on slate roofing, I am happy to say that my roof is over 90 years old and holding strong.)


I did some cleaning up in the studio yesterday looking for a quilt top. I am trying to get find one that I want to take to the machine quilter this weekend but I can’t find it. That says something about the state of the studio doesn’t it? But I am thinking that it is between some fabric on the shelves. So I am doing a serious clean up of my fabrics at the same time. One of the members of my quilt guild teaches at a local middle school and I am donating fabric to her to use for her classes.

And of course, there is nothing better to do while you are staying indoors than sit and knit and listen to podcasts.

(ps- all of the photos are up on Flickr for the bigger view. I do suggest looking at them in the larger views.)


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2 responses to “Yesterday in Pictures

  1. Slate roofs are so great! There aren’t many here in Chicago. Even the old greystone buildings tend to have crummy asphalt.

    Good luck with the reorganization. I’m looking forward to being done with my last exam so that I can clean up my study (so many papers, articles and books all over the place!) and set up my sewing machine for a few days.

  2. Did you track down that quilt top yet?

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