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Saturday was a day of adventures. I had planned on finding a local wool on the hoof farm near me. And although I was on the right road, I never found the farm. But I saw some interesting sights on the road that I will be back to investigate with with camera.

My other plans for Saturday was to head to Stitch DC using Metro. But Metro was backed up due to some repairs underway at Metro Center. So as I was headed towards the main roads, I called my brother for directions. I changed my plans and decided to head to Knit Happens instead. My big drawback to going to Knit Happens has been the parking. I do not parallel park ever. Well, if I can pull straight in I will parallel park but that is it. My brother is useful for some things including directions and making sure that there is parking near where I want to go. And lucky for me, my brother was home when I called. He found the website for the store pretty fast and was trying to tell me how to get there. I already had a pretty good general idea of where the shop was and all I needed was the cross streets. And my brother looked up and told me where the city parking decks where located. I don’t mind walking a few blocks to get somewhere if I can park in a parking deck. So I had him send me a SMS with the information and headed south. (My oldest nephew is getting really good at looking things up for me as well. He has been known to call me to tell me about a “new” yarn shop he may have found while playing on the web.)

I used to spend quite a bit of time the the DC area years ago. So getting around the DC area is pretty easy for me either using Metro or driving. And while I was driving along the George Washington Parkway headed towards Alexandria, I remembered how much I enjoy the area. So I will be going back down that way more frequently now.

I walked into Knit Happens and the store is as pretty as you would expect from the photos on their website. The store was busy when I walked in but both Holly and Rossana both made sure to greet me and point me towards what I was looking for. And I ended up spending a bit of time there sitting at the table knitting with both Holly and Rossana and Dani!!!!! Yes, Dani of Knt ‘n’ NASCAR fame was there sitting at the table.


I learned several things while I was there. Among them, Rossana is not just a talented yoga teacher but she truly understands the magical properties of sock yarn. It is a great massage tool in the right hands. And Dani can really hold fast to her yarn diet despite being surrounded by lots and lots of pretty yarns. I didn’t do as well since I bought yarn. But in all honesty, two of the skeins were for a project I am knitting right now and only one skein of the sock yarn was for me. The rest the yarn was all for gifts.


I know that I will be back to the store know that I know where the parking deck is located. And the next time, I will take the time to walk down to the waterfront and enjoy river. Along the Potomac River are several walkways that allow you to be close to the water. And the whole area of Old Town Alexandria is fascinating.


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