Pretty Snow

Yesterday’s weather forecast was for snow showers with maybe up to an inch. Once it finally started snowing, it turned into a pretty snowfall with with roads just getting a dusting. The total amount according to the paper was 1 to 2 inches but it was enough to coat everything with a nice layer of clean crunchy snow. I really liked how the snow stuck to my slate roof early on.


But yesterday did have a disaster. I have been knitting a pair of mittens that I have been working on a design for for a few days. And I realized that the thumb gusset was huge!!! So it went to the frog pile and was restarted yet again last night. Hopefully this time the math will work out better.


And when I opened my email this morning, I had a message stating that I had won a prize over at a new online ‘zine. I had heard about a new ‘zine dedicated to increasing British representation in the online fiber arts community a while back so I checked out their site. I also joined their email listing so I would be up to date as to things going on. ANd the first issue of The Inside Loop just went live this week.. Their goal is to make sure that the items used in the designs are readily available in the UK. There are some great designs in the first issue, so I would urge you to pop on over to check out the designs. There are several that have caught my eye. I really have to hurry up and finsh something so I can start one of the new ones.


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3 responses to “Pretty Snow

  1. We had some flurries today, too! Too bad about the thumb gusset; the yarn and cables look great, though. I just knit some worsted-weight cabled mittens (unbloggable) that I was very happy with — I’ll send you the pattern if you’re interested.

  2. whoneedsgauge

    Are we going to have more tomorrow? The snow last night was pretty. I also had some mishaps and had to rip a sleeve because I knit the wrong size.

  3. amy

    I’m excited about The Inside Loop. I’ve already queued the Express Lane socks. As soon as my swap mittens are done, and the socks I promised my mom, I’m casting on for them. What’d you win?

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