Daily Archives: February 22, 2008

My Frederick – Photo Friday

Well today’s photos aren’t actually of Frederick but of Washington, DC which is about 40 miles to the south. Or if you dare driving, figure about an hour with regular traffic. Rush hour is another story. When I went down to Knit Happens last Saturday, I stopped on the way back to take some photos from the scenic overlooks along the west bound lanes of the George Washington Parkway.

When most people think of Washington, DC, they think of a big city. And DC is a big city. But the amazing thing about the Washington Capital area is the number of parks and how green it actually is. Running along the Potomac shoreline on the Maryland side is the C&O Canal. The towpath runs right into the city. There is also Rock Creek Park which occupies a huge swath of the city. And these two major green spaces are only two of many parks hidden in the city and surrounding areas. Late winter is not necessarily the best time to photograph the city’s parks but you can see how the parks form a huge part of the city and the people who live there.



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