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I had promised the guys who work on the town maintenance crew that the next time I baked, I would bake something specific for them. These are the guys who tastespring9.jpgwhen they plow snow try not to pile it too deep in front of my house. I have a retaining wall at the edge of the sidewalk and there really is no where for the snow to go. And when there is a lot of snow, they try not to pile it into the bottom of one of my driveways. (One of my driveways lines up exactly with a street where if comes onto the main road.) In years past when we have had quite a bit of snow, they have even helped to plow out the bottom of my driveway and break up snow that had become packed on the sidewalk. They also go out of their way to help the more elderly citizens of the town with snow removal or such. (They have been known to to do this on their own time as well.)

So Sunday was spent baking banana bread. I use a variety of recipes to make banana bread but I think I may have finally found a favorite from the Joy of Baking. I like coconut and lime zest in my banana bread but when I am making it for others, I like to stick to simple traditional recipes.

I ended up with a total of 7 larger loaves of bread and 2 small ones. My mother wanted some so I gave her a few loaves, But I took two loaves to the guys on the crew yesterday at lunch time. Their favorite lunch spot is actually three doors down from me. I walked in and made sure that I handed the bag containing the bread to the one who loves banana bread. Once he realized what it was, he started peaking at it. The others were teasing him and saying that they were going to have dessert first and some one needed to go and get a knife. The look on Big Rick’s face was priceless when he heard them threatening to take away his banana bread. His response to everyone was that they might get a few crumbs if they were nice to him for the rest of the day.

And yes, he will share with the rest of them. But Big Rick told be that he also love zinni bread and that he would even grow the zinni if I would make him zinni bread. So come summer, I will be baking zucchini bread for winter treats for Big Rick, Marty, Charlie and the rest of the crew. I am wondering if I can make bread from frozen blackberries. They all said that they would try it if I made it for them. So if any one has any recipes that you like for strawberry or blueberry bread, please let me know. I will just change the berries.


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