Earth Day Swap

Once again, I am doing the Earth Day Swap again this year. This year it is over Ravelry but I am also posting the answers to the questions here.

Questionnaire –

1. What colors do you prefer? Do you like stripes? Do you totally hate pooling? What colors do you hate? I love blues, reds, pinks, and purples. About the only color, I don’t really like is yellow. It is a very strong color and I can only tolerate it in small bits. I seem to have a ton of blue yarn in my sock yarn stash but that doesn’t mean I don’t need more. And as to pooling or striping, it is all a matter of gauge and finding a pattern that works with the yarn to show it off.

2. Have you ever knit socks? If not, are you willing to try? (If not, do you own any double point needles?) What do you usually knit? You mean there is something else other than socks?!?!?! Okay, there is lace and mittens. Yes, I prefer to knit socks and there are always at least 3 pairs on the needles at any given time.

3. Have you tried any of the earth friendly fibers? If, so which ones have you tried? What did you knit? What did you like or dislike about the fiber you tried? Would you try it again? I have tried earth friendly fibers before. I do not like Tofusties since it seemed to not have enough give for me. I have bad shoulder and seem to have problem knitting yarns that have no give to them.

4. Is there a particular fiber you are hankering to try? I love all fibers. Although bamboo is nice to knit with.

5. Do you have any allergies?(Fiber or otherwise. Remember that if you are allergic to crab, you might be allergic to Tofutsies!) Also remember that some people like to add organic chocolate or other goodies to packages. I am highly allergic to strawberries but I have a 13 year nephew and an 11 year old niece who seem to always know when I receive packages with goodies. And they both always volunteer to try things out for me.

6. Are you a practicing vegan? No although I prefer to eat vegan as much as possible.

7. How do you plan to celebrate Earth Day? Or, how have you celebrated Earth Day in the past? I am not sure how I will celebrate Earth Day this year. I am working on a new raised bed garden so I may be working on that.

8. Do you have any Earth Day resolutions? What are they? To try and increase and grow more of my own vegetables this year. My neighbor has a huge organic garden and he allows me some space and to pick from there it over the summer.

9. Got a planet friendly tip? Start your own compost heap. You will be surprised at how much you can reduce waste. And if that isn’t possible, recycle everything.

10. Are you willing to send a package internationally (Canada/US)? Yes.

11. What are your favorite snacks and candies? Or don’t you want to be enabled? I love dark chocolate. But I also like treats. And if I can’t eat it, I don’t think my oldest nephew has ever met a food he won’t at least try. He claims he is “helping” me by sampling everything.

12. What weight yarns do you use the most? And what weight do you NEVER use (and are not willing to try)? I tend to use a lot of fingering weight yarns since I knit socks. But I also love lace weight yarns. And I can alsways find a use for just about any weight yarn.

13. Are you willing to be a Swap Angel if needed? yes

14. What color(s) do you love? What color(s) do you hate? What color(s) do you have too much of in your stash? I love the colors of water in all its moods. I grew up near the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean. So I have always been near water. Living slightly inland now, I get my fix of water from the rivers and creeks. So basically any color you might find in water could be my favorite. But I also love reds and pinks and purples.

15. What about variegated yarns? I love them. But I also like semi-solids.

16. How much of your stash is on Ravelry? You are joking of course!!! Maybe a quarter of my sock yarn stash is there. And no, it will never all be there.

17. What would you love to knit? What would you hate to knit? Socks are my all time favorite. But I will knit just about anything.

18. Do you have any kids? No but I have 3 that I borrow – two nephews and a niece who also knits. And a friend has 2 little girls under the age of 5 that I knit for as well.

19. Do you have pets? For me: Do you mind getting a swap partner who lives within 200 miles of you? Or are you really excited about swapping all over the country? My cat lives with my parents. She likes it better there since she can go outside in the fenced yard. And it is fine with whoever you match me up with. It can be interesting swapping with some one who is local.

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