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There isn’t much going on to show off right now. I am busy knitting mittens and trying to stay away from the embroidery. Embroidery is addictive and doesn’t require much thinking when you are working on dish towels. And yes, dish towels will be holiday gifts for several people this year. One tea towel has already been sent out into the world and is living in some one‘s bathroom right now. She received it yesterday and the timing was really good since she had a really bad day.


I do have a little rant about chain bookstores. The first one is directed at Borders. First of all, I need to state that I used to work part time for Walden Books which is a part of Borders so I understand their book categories. Some of the ways that books were categorized in the computer system never made any sense but the latest is absurd. I was at my local store on Thursday night browsing to see what caught my eye. And I decided that I was in the mood th read a biography. Well, I couldn’t find the biography section. So I hunted down one of the wonderful ladies who work at the store. She told me that in the latest reset, corporate had decided that biographies lost their own section. They are now mixed into the other categories. So if you are looking for a biography on Queen Elizabeth, you need to now know to look in history. But if you are looking for a biography on Jane Austen or another writer, you need to look in fiction!!! Nothing about this makes sense. And no, I didn’t find a biography that I wanted to read since I tend to pick my books by what ever catches my eye and I wasn’t in the mood to wander the entire store.

And now on to Barnes and Noble. I don’t really like the local one for several reasons not the least of which is the traffic around the mall it is located in among other things. Sunday, I was down in the Gaithersburg area so I stopped in the Barnes and Noble down there. And biography had its own section there. I had settled on a biography of Jane Austen so that was what I was looking for in the section. There was exactly one biography on the shelves so I picked it up and headed towards the register. While working my way towards the front of the store, I encountered a tab;e full of books by Jane Austen. And sitting right there were all of the rest of the biographies that the store had. And I found one on the table that was easier to read so I switched the books out. But if a store is doing an end cap of this sort, please don’t take all of the copies off the shelves and place them there. People check the shelves first!!! It was only luck that I found the end cap.

Although my experiences with hunting down biographies could happen in an independent store, at least the employees would know where the books are. And I just wish that there was still an independent bookstore in town. When we had one in town, it was always my first choice.


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