Daily Archives: March 17, 2008


I am back but I can say that not much was accomplished during my break. Actually, I managed to make my studio even messier than it was to start with in the first place. I am installing new shelves in there and now have fabric pulled off the old ones and just stuffed into the one new one I have up. But I have discovered some fabric in the stash that makes me wonder what I was thinking when I bought it. But at least I can take it with me to the next quilt guild meeting and it will find a home in some one else’s stash. I will be doing a serious look at each piece of fabric as I handle it and refold it. There are two boxes already in the room that are labeled trash and guild. I have pulled out blocks that have never found their way into a top and they are going into the guild box. Hopefully when I am done, the room will be much nicer and cleaner. And there will hopefully be room on the shelves finally for my yarn stash.

Of course with spring almost here, I have pansies and lettuce to plant. Actually, I have 30 pansy plants to get in the ground. It was just too windy this past weekend to play in the dirt. But the bright cherry faces are sitting right outside my front door to greet me right now.



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