Allergy Time

It is allergy time. Tree pollen is out in full force and my eyes are feeling the full effects of the tree pollen. I happen to be very sensitive to tree pollen and it affects my eyes. My eyes have been a little bit swollen for almost two weeks now. But we have had some rain so that helps push the tree pollen back down for a little bit. Even though I take allergy meds they only help so far. But at least the trees will be done in another week or so.

And in the meantime, I just started a new class last night. Although I have stepped back from the fire house for a bit, I am still making sure that I keep up my certifications and get the new ones that are going to be required soon. Unfortunately the politics and the b.s. around the fire house are at a point where I don’t want to have to deal with them. There are some people around the fire house who have forgotten what our mission is supposed to be. And the system here in this county is a combination system but there are still those on the volunteer side who are not willing accept that we are really a combination system of career and volunteer fire fighters. I am not afraid to express my opinion on this issue and yes, I have offended some of the ones with more delicate sensitivities over this issue.

But I am not letting that stop me from getting the new certifications that will be required to operate as a company level officer. The new buzz word in the fire service is fire department safety officer. Technically on the fire grounds, any one can stop the activities if they see an unsafe situation. (Technically everything we do is considered unsafe by those unfamiliar with our operations.) But the reality is that we keep losing fire fighters every year due to situations that could be avoided. I am taking a class that will allow me to obtain two additional certifications and will allow me to operate as a safety officer on the fire ground. The county fire service has a safety council and everyone taking the class this time will be able to take part in it. The main reason for this is that our instructor is head safety guru for the county fire service. I have taken classes before that he has taught and worked with him before. And the best part is that his rules for class are pretty simple. The first rule is that we may not use swear words until he does. And you can be pretty sure that he will use them. (He taught my EMT class years ago.)

But while I am taking this class, I will be required to read all sorts of interesting things like NFPA regulations and federal and state statutes. I shouldn’t have any problems sleeping after reading some of these documents. But the kicker for this class is that we are doing a 30 hour class between now and the first of May in less than 10 sessions. And I should add that as usual I am the only female in the class. There are 22 students at the moment and we may get a bit bigger and I will still end up the only female in the class. Oh well, at least I have learned how the male mind works.

But in the meantime, I will try to post and for today, here are some photos of what is in bloom right now.



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3 responses to “Allergy Time

  1. Sorry your allergies are getting to you. I’m dog sitting again so I’m back on my Benadryl/Claritin cocktail. Mmm, better living through pharmaceuticals.

  2. All the wonderful things in bloom! Too bad about the allergies.

    Good luck with the class. Hopefully things will calm down at the firehouse soon. Politics and bickering are not the point — you guys do such an important job.

  3. I am going crazy from the pollen here in ATL. Its just brutal. My head feels like its filled with sandpaper grit. So I really feel your pain. Hope it gets better soon.