Excitement Time

Okay, I am behind in blogging about somethings but it is kind of hard to take a decent photo when the skies are overcast everyday. And it doesn’t help that I have been sneezing like crazy. I happen to be hyper sensitive this year to tree pollen and the pollen counts have been pretty high. So I am aiming for some real posts later this week.

But are you aware of how few days are left until Maryland Sheep & Wool? Go look at your calender and count. There are 25 days left until the festival. And yes I will be there. Both days. I am a glutton. And there is a special blog with info on the festival. It is called Countdown to Sheep and Wool. And this year there will be tons of indie artists there as well. Cloverhill Yarn Shop right outside Baltimore is going to have yarn from quite a few indie dyers in their booth. And as an extra special bonus, many of the indie dyers will be in the booth at various times.

But I will give everyone fair warning, I am after fiber this year. I have a shopping list and it includes yet another spindle and more fiber. Oh wait, it might help if I practice more with the spindles I already own and use up some of the fiber already in the stash. Nay, forget it, spindles look so good in baskets and vases and they don’t make me sneeze. But some yarn may wander into my hands. I am hopefully bringing my niece with me this year so that will either limit or increase my spending. She somehow finds a way to get you to spend your money on yarn for her. I have to go out and get her some yarn to make her first sweater. (She is going to knit it for her baby brother though since he won’t care if she has mistakes or such in it. )

Time to go and find another box of tissues. The chemicals aren’t working that well this week.


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4 responses to “Excitement Time

  1. Can’t wait to see you at Sheep and Wool!! Thanks for posting a link to our site!

  2. Love reading your blog Mia! Thanks again for posting to us.

    I’m after some fiber too!! Its not for me, its for my wheel.

  3. Oh no, darn that pollen. Maryland Sheep & Wool looks like it will be great fun.

  4. amy

    I unfortunately have a wedding the weekend of Maryland Sheep & Wool. I’ll be counting on you for a full report of all the fiber-y goodness. Hope you feel better soon.