Time Suck

I have found an even bigger time suck than RavelryAdobe Photoshop Express!!!! Okay it is a time suck if you like playing with your digital photos. And guess who likes playing with editing? And I haven’t even uploaded the photos I took yesterday evening from the garden where I was playing with the overcast skies and the macro lens. I read an article in a digital photography magazine about using the sky as a special effect.

But here are some of the photos that I have been playing with over on Photoshop Express. It allows me to do more with editing than what I have been using so I may be switching over to it. (Click on each picture for the bigger image to see some of the subtle things you can do with Photoshop Express.)

More photos will be up on Flickr shortly.


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3 responses to “Time Suck

  1. I heard about A.P.E. (heh, APE) a couple of days ago, but haven’t gotten around to noodling with it much. Maybe I’ll go on another photo field trip one of these days, then play with my pics when I get back.

  2. My husband signed me up earlier this month. I need to check it out and get started!

  3. I’m glad to hear it’s good! Those are great pics
    I need to get out with my camera soon, maybe we can do that this weekend.