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Parlez Vous …

Sorry, I hit publish before adding the photos since this time here is the post with the photos.

Last week, I received a wonderful package from my new BFF Vivi. Vivi happens to e a semi-regular member of the cast on the Katia and Kylie Mac show. And the show is how I found her blog and started reading it. Well Vivi had posted about one of the things she misses from the US is all the cooking magazines. And every time I go past a cooking magazine, it seems to follow me home. So I offered to send her some. (The box needed some packing material so I used some STR as packing material.) And she generously sent me some French chocolate and magazines. And I got the package late last week.

chocolate chicken for Easter from Vivi

Can you say yummy? Having grown up in Europe, I prefer European chocolate over the US produced. And Viv send me some French Easter chocolate. In France, they have the Easter chicken instead of the Easter bunny. And there was some dark chocolate truffles and some Kinder chocolate. The Kinder chocolate included a Kinder Surprise egg. Vivi included two French embroidery magazines along with a French quilting magazine. Here in the US, embroidery does not have the same respect that it does in the rest of the world and in particular France.

I had promised my niece that I would share with her when I received the package from Vivi. And she was thrilled when I sent her an SMS telling her it was in. I sent the chicken up to her on Saturday using her grandmother as the conduit. I knew better than to use her older brother. The chicken had laid some small chocolate eggs during its trip across the Atlantic. And my niece decided that she would be generous and allow her brothers to each have one egg. Daddy might get two and she would allow mommy to eat some of the chicken. She knows that boys just don’t appreciate chocolate as well as they should. I did sent her brothers some of the chocolate from the Kinder box just so they would have some chocolate. The littlest nephew doesn’t care about chocolate just yet but better to be safe and train him right early. The word that I have is that the chocolate is the best she has had. And don’t worry I kept the dark chocolate truffles for me.

I have also been trying to clean up some odds and ends of yarn but knitting them up. P and MG had spun up some yarn using the directions in the new PluckyFluff book awhile ago. And since neither of them could figure out what to do with it, it was sent to me. And I finally figured out what to do with it. It is now a scarf with a severe corset problem. The scarf will be given to P when she comes for MDS&W next weekend. And she will take it home and will wave her magic wand over it and block it. And the scarf will stay at her house. We have a great arrangement, we both buy fiber, she spins it up, and I knit it up for both of us.

I have also managed to find a few minutes to spend at the sewing machine. The doll quilt challenge over on Flickr for March and April was to use to Chinese Coin pattern and the quilt must have green in it. Back before Christmas, I had traded some sock yarn for some 30s prints. And I personally think I got the better end of the deal. I worked my way through the box and there was quite a bit packed into the box of fabric including several small pieces. So I cut them all up into small strips and actually finally managed to make a scrap quilt. There are a few mistakes like fabric puckers in the quilt that I didn’t find until after I had sewn on the borders. (Actually there are two puckers that I see while I am doing some photo editing.) But I am going to leave them. (Or I may go back and fix them.) I am going to think of them as something that might happen if some one was making their first quilt. I have plenty of scraps so I will do a second one in the same pattern and make sure that I don’t add in the same problem again. I will machine quilt both of these and give the first one to my niece for her American Girl doll. Or she can hang it on her wall as art.

Chinese Coins in 30s Prints
Now to go study. I have a final a week from today. And in unusual fire fighter fashion and with all of our good study habits, I need to go and read the book. At least I am not waiting until next Wednesday to start studying. And I need to stay away from photo editing. It is a big time suck as I already know.

Raindrops on PinkRain on a parking meter in Frederick


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