My Frederick

Some photos from around Frederick. Apples are big in the northern end of the county so as you drive up the highway you an see fields of white blossoms in the spring. (If you get out of the car, some of the older trees look they are wearing a veil of blossoms.) And in Frederick, now that the weather has warmed up, Culler Lake is always full of life. And the ducks of Culler Lake love it best at night when there are no pesky humans around so they have the lake all to themselves.

An old apple tree in bloomThe secret life of the ducks of Culler LakeThe fountain in Culler Lake at nightDucks require a lot of rest to deal with humansThe lilacs in bloom right behind my house.


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3 responses to “My Frederick

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ll to get over there sometime for a photo shoot!

  2. Your photos are stunning! No matter how hard I try, I rarely take a photo the way I want to. It’s truly an art form.