Friday Night Fun

Are is jsut a small sampling of some photos that I took Friday night during a training burn for a fire fghter 1 class at the training center. Te instructor for the class always tries to hold extra burns for his fire 1 students so that they may can build the skills and confidence they need for their final burns. He always invites several of his past students to come along and play. Friday night, I think the ratio of instructors/officers/senior fire fighters to students was almost 1 to 1. Every time I go one of these burns, I enjoy myself. And I also manage to take plenty of photos during these burns. I will make a point of stating that my camera never goes into the burn building while we are actually burning. For the students who there Friday night, I am editing the photos and will make sure that there are copies available to you either by my dropping them off to your class or at a few of the stations. Remember safety first!

The small burn room was hot enough to open theshutters.

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  1. Fire is so beautiful, never mind the destruction! It’s an amazing thing to look at.