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This is an update about what is going on with my mom. Right now, she is at home under the care of hospice. Her condition is one that is kind of hard to explain. I can’t even remember the exact name. But basically what it amounts to is that her brain is shutting down. As it was explained to us her specific condition can be caused by whole brain radiation like what she received in November or it could be a reaction to the huge amounts of medication that she was given after the surgery and radiation or it could be caused by the body itself deciding enough is enough. (Of course, everyone has their own theories on her medical team.) We were told that there would be good days in the beginning but that the bad days would come as well. The trick is that they can not give us a time line for long. But it is less than six months.

All of us are dealing with this in different ways. For me, it is through the lens of my camera. I am also doing more quilting. My oldest nephew is at the age where it is all about me but he is also using the lens of a camera to deal with it. My niece has a very tender heart and is having a very difficult time with this. But she is playing with my old camera and has planted a new garden bed at my parents’ house and she is going to tend it for her grandmother. And the youngest one is too young to understand what is going on but he knows something is going on. His reaction is to play and remind everyone that life goes on.

I do try to post photos daily over on Flickr so if you don’t see anything here, check my Flickr pages. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts from the post that P wrote for me. They mean a lot to me.


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Things will probably be quiet here on Knit and Play with Fire for awhile. Mia just called me from the hospital and asked me to write a short post for her. She got a call from her Dad earlier this evening that her mothers condition has taken a turn for the worse. The doctors don’t know much more than that at this point.

So please keep her and her mother in your thoughts the next couple of hours and days….



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Photography Is Taking Over

It seems that I am either drowning in work work or photography lately. Dealing with certain agencies in the federal government can be enough to drive you to drink some days. At least photography hasn’t driven me to drink yet. But it might.

One of the groups I belong to over on Flickr is a local photography guild. To make a long story short, we are going to be involved in an artists’ market which is held right along side the local farmers’ market in a town in the southern end of the county. While everyone else in the guild is thinking of selling 8 by 10 photos, I am thinking that note cards will sell better. So I am editing photos and figuring out what I need for selling the cards. I never realized what was out there for creating your own photo cards and postcards. And the thing is that I need to have everything ready by May 25th.

I had been thinking of selling some notecards and photos over on Etsy so the artists’ market will be a test market for me.

I am out with the camera almost everyday taking new shots and tonight will be no exception. Well it will be in that I was invited to come down to the night operations for the fire academy and take photos. My photography group is meeting right after work to go downtown Frederick to take photos and I will join them for a little bit before heading over to the fire academy for night operations. The photography group is challenging me to expand my skills and try new things that I probably wouldn’t have on my own.

Want to come and walk in the rain?

So the only updates here until I have everything ready for the market may be photos.


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A Story about a Fleece

Okay, to clear things up really fast. I did buy a fleece at MDS&W on Sunday but it did not come home with me. And I did not lose it. But it did go home with some one I know and who will love it even more than I could. The details of the fleece are further along in the story.

Saturday morning I arrived about 8:30 and as I was walking into the fairgrounds, a large portion of my stitch group were walking in right behind me. So we all went together to the barn where STR fumes were coming from. The line was not that bad at that point so I got in line while the other three went in to forage. I hadn’t planned on buying any but apparently STR fumes cause a total lack of control. So I switched off with Amanda who managed to restrain herself with only two skeins of STR. Sarah helped me find plenty of STR that followed me home. (Okay, time for the truth, some of it is a present for my niece and half of it was for P since I knew she wouldn’t arrive until later in the day. I can safely buy yarn for P since I know what she loves.)

(I would like to point out that Sarah knitted her way through the festival!)

The next stop for this group was the Cloverhill booth where I did some yarn pimpin’ for a few of the indie vendors to my friends. (Friends don’t let friends not buy good indie yarns!!!) Of course, I had to buy a few (or more) items here. The fumes coming from Steph’s spontaneous bats was overwhelming. And a special spindle or two may have made its way into my bag. Of course there was yarn as well.

As we headed towards the back of the big barn, I managed to ensure Jess into buying some soap. But she resisted the chocolate soap. Not me though. I did manage to lose Jess, Sarah, and Amanda in the big barn though. But I found P and her crew from Ohio.

By the time I found P and gang, I was ready to make a trip back out to the truck. But I waited until we were done with the first round of the big barn though. Trying to pull P, MG, and Andrea away from the fleece sale took some doing. Olga doesn’t spin so it was easier for her to wander away from the fleece sale.

We wandered through the barns such as you could. Saturday it was wall to wall people. We shopped until we where all ready to eat. And that meant a trip out to my truck for lunch. Mac helped by pulling the cooler with lunch in it. (I was smart and used the cooler that had wheels.) Mac stayed at our picnic spot and guarded the food after we all ate.

After eating, we headed back out into the mass of humanity. But on the way out of the picnic area, I ran into a local blogger who had some wonderful yarn in her hands. I promised not to name her so I won’t. But feel free to try and figure it out by her yarn color choices. I ended up with some of the same yarn as well. The yarn is so soft and the colors are wonderful. I bought enough to make two sweaters for myself which had been one of the items on my list.

We ended the day Saturday by heading back to Frederick to eat dinner at a funky little hole in the wall place that is a local hang out. Cuban food is the only way to end the day. Before we left downtown Frederick, we headed over to the local Starbucks so I could make make arrangements to meet some one on Sunday. Plus it was a chance for everyone to see what Gallery Walk in Frederick is about. And while we were walking down the street, we saw my fire mentor and his wife out eating ice cream and enjoying the crowds.

Afterwards,P and Mac headed out for some hotel adventures while I took Olga back to the Metro station. The weekend of MDS&W was the same weekend as the Frederick Marathon which created some issues with hotels in Frederick overbooking by as much as 40%. And that was just Frederick.

Sunday mornign, I stopped by Starbucks again for breakfast and to confirm with my friend what she needed to bring since I was going to take her four year old daughter off her hands so she could shop. Rowan wanted to see the animals. Getting out of downtown was interesting since the Marathon had started. And I have never had that great an opinion of the city police, well, I realized that they were directionally challenged when they forced me to get on west bound 70 when I told them i was headed east bound. At least, I know how to get around Frederick.

Once I got back to the festival it was time to start the day at the Cloverhill booth again. I thought I might have missed something the previous day. Sunday morning, Steph of Loop fame and Kate from Dragonfly Fiber Designs were there. I managed to resist any more purchases there. I wandered the barns until my friend showed up. She not only brought her daughter but her husband. He shopped with her and I went to look at sheep with Rowan. And for the first time in all the years I have been going to the show, I actually made it to the sheep dogs demos. It was interesting to learn all sorts of facts about sheep dogs from a four year old.

And while Rowan and I were looking at the sheep, I found a fleece. P and I had bought dyed BFL locks from this farm the day before. But the fleece had been shorn late the previous afternoon. And the price for the fleece was too good to pass up. I may not be a spinner quite yet but I know enough about fleeces to tell a good one from a bad one.

Since the line was short for t-shirts, I managed to get some for my niece and oldest nephew along with one for Rowan. (That was the only way she would let me stand in line was if she got one and that was after having to walk through two more sheep barns.) Rowan is a very sharp negotiator.

A leaving Rowan with her parents, I headed make down to the Cloverhill booth since I wanted to meet up with Gryphon. And here is where I managed to lose my fleece. Kate and Gryphon took a look at my fleece and thought it was a good one. Kate had been looking for a BFL fleece for herself. Since I still don’t know how to clean a raw fleece nor do I have a wheel yet, I told Kate that she could have it if she really wanted it. She offered to split the fleece with me but after I insisted that she could have the whole fleece, she was willing to buy the whole fleece off of me.

And afterwards, she and I wandered through the big barn together. She figured out quickly that I am a big enabler. She has laid down the new rule that next time we get together, our wallets must stay at home.

I still have to take photos of the fibery goodies that I bought over the weekend but you can enjoy these photos in the meantime. I am still editing since for some reason I seem to insist on taking several hindred shots of everything. Plus work seems to get in the way.


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I am recovering my this past weekend. Yes, I spent two days at MDS&W. And I saw plenty of people there. And yes, I did buy things such as yarn among other things. There is even a story about a fleece that I bought and ended up going home with some one else. (The story will follow, I promise.) I have to edit the photos and photograph what is mine and what I bought for others. (Yes, I bought yarn and other items for friends. And some of these friends were at the festival. It is just that I managed to get there earlier than they can.)

Meanwhile, while I am recovering from my sunburn, my new guard attack llama is protecting my purchases. And what you see in this bag belongs to P not me.

edited to add words from the guard alpaca – Nope I don’t remember you! But will you pet scratch my head some more.


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My Frederick

One of the most beautiful things about Frederick City and Frederick County is the fact that we are surrounded by nature. Running through the City of Frederick is Baker Park. The pack actually is three city blocks long. Running through the park is Carrol Creek. This park more than anything is the heart of the city. I went there last night to study and became distracted by the views. Hopefully you will find them distracting as well.

Innocent JoySerence peaceful spot  overlooking the CreekThe ducks will fly to get below the dam.

As usual, there are more photos over on Flickr. And no more days until MDS&W!!!!!


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