My Frederick

One of the most beautiful things about Frederick City and Frederick County is the fact that we are surrounded by nature. Running through the City of Frederick is Baker Park. The pack actually is three city blocks long. Running through the park is Carrol Creek. This park more than anything is the heart of the city. I went there last night to study and became distracted by the views. Hopefully you will find them distracting as well.

Innocent JoySerence peaceful spot  overlooking the CreekThe ducks will fly to get below the dam.

As usual, there are more photos over on Flickr. And no more days until MDS&W!!!!!


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3 responses to “My Frederick

  1. I love how you caught the duck just after take-off in the last shot. Really impressive…

    See you Sunday!

  2. Lee

    The duck photo is fabulous!

    I will not be attending MDS&W this year. I just had knee surgery, and walking is painful. But it is just as well, as I do not have spending money! Maybe next year!

    Have fun!

  3. Have fun this weekend!!