I am recovering my this past weekend. Yes, I spent two days at MDS&W. And I saw plenty of people there. And yes, I did buy things such as yarn among other things. There is even a story about a fleece that I bought and ended up going home with some one else. (The story will follow, I promise.) I have to edit the photos and photograph what is mine and what I bought for others. (Yes, I bought yarn and other items for friends. And some of these friends were at the festival. It is just that I managed to get there earlier than they can.)

Meanwhile, while I am recovering from my sunburn, my new guard attack llama is protecting my purchases. And what you see in this bag belongs to P not me.

edited to add words from the guard alpaca – Nope I don’t remember you! But will you pet scratch my head some more.


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5 responses to “Recovering

  1. Nice Llama… Remember me… I gave you little head pats and scratched you under the chin. And commented how cute you were guarding the back pack. Ahhh yes… Such a good Llama. ( Did the distraction work…. Reaching for the yarn in the bag.)

  2. Sounds like fun! Bummer about the sunburn, though.

  3. Darn….

    Sweet Dear Llama who guards with such power and elegance. I will make you a little origami friend to keep you company…. Maybe If I make that Llama mask…

    Oh… Maybe I can bribe you with mango tea!!!!

  4. Sounds like it was fun!

  5. Oh my goodness! You lost your fleece?????!!!!!!
    It was nice to meet you!