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Photography Is Taking Over

It seems that I am either drowning in work work or photography lately. Dealing with certain agencies in the federal government can be enough to drive you to drink some days. At least photography hasn’t driven me to drink yet. But it might.

One of the groups I belong to over on Flickr is a local photography guild. To make a long story short, we are going to be involved in an artists’ market which is held right along side the local farmers’ market in a town in the southern end of the county. While everyone else in the guild is thinking of selling 8 by 10 photos, I am thinking that note cards will sell better. So I am editing photos and figuring out what I need for selling the cards. I never realized what was out there for creating your own photo cards and postcards. And the thing is that I need to have everything ready by May 25th.

I had been thinking of selling some notecards and photos over on Etsy so the artists’ market will be a test market for me.

I am out with the camera almost everyday taking new shots and tonight will be no exception. Well it will be in that I was invited to come down to the night operations for the fire academy and take photos. My photography group is meeting right after work to go downtown Frederick to take photos and I will join them for a little bit before heading over to the fire academy for night operations. The photography group is challenging me to expand my skills and try new things that I probably wouldn’t have on my own.

Want to come and walk in the rain?

So the only updates here until I have everything ready for the market may be photos.


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