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This is an update about what is going on with my mom. Right now, she is at home under the care of hospice. Her condition is one that is kind of hard to explain. I can’t even remember the exact name. But basically what it amounts to is that her brain is shutting down. As it was explained to us her specific condition can be caused by whole brain radiation like what she received in November or it could be a reaction to the huge amounts of medication that she was given after the surgery and radiation or it could be caused by the body itself deciding enough is enough. (Of course, everyone has their own theories on her medical team.) We were told that there would be good days in the beginning but that the bad days would come as well. The trick is that they can not give us a time line for long. But it is less than six months.

All of us are dealing with this in different ways. For me, it is through the lens of my camera. I am also doing more quilting. My oldest nephew is at the age where it is all about me but he is also using the lens of a camera to deal with it. My niece has a very tender heart and is having a very difficult time with this. But she is playing with my old camera and has planted a new garden bed at my parents’ house and she is going to tend it for her grandmother. And the youngest one is too young to understand what is going on but he knows something is going on. His reaction is to play and remind everyone that life goes on.

I do try to post photos daily over on Flickr so if you don’t see anything here, check my Flickr pages. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts from the post that P wrote for me. They mean a lot to me.


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