Bathtub Boat Races

Am off to enjoy the evening with my niece and the camera at what has been advertised as the new modern bathtub boat races downtown Frederick. It should be interesting. She has picked out the place she wants to go and eat. She has picked out Japanese for sushi which is brave since she has never had it before. And there are fireworks later tonight and tomorrow night. My nephew has volunteered to take photos of tonight’s for me. We shall see how his photos turn out. He is actually a pretty good photographer. While he is watching the fireworks up close, I will be watching them from my porch roof and knitting. (I will miss the low ones because the trees block them but I don’t have to dealwith the traffic. And I can have a glass of wine if I so chose to.)

But for your holiday amusement, I will giv eyou a few photos of flowers in bloom at the moment.


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2 responses to “Bathtub Boat Races

  1. Just don’t fall off your roof!

    Some of your flowers look like fireworks! so you can have some by day as well as by night.

  2. those flowers are like fireworks!

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