July 4th Recap in Photos

The bathtub races were a bust. They weren’t even made from bathtubs or milk crates. Instead they were decorated kayaks and canoes. Well there was one that was original. You did get to vote on your favorite one though with the money going to charity. There was that was very original though. And my niece decided to stay at home with her two friends who had come down early for fire works. So instead, I ended up with a bottomless pit also known as a pre-teen boy or my 14 year old nephew.

First lesson learned was to never let him pick the restaurant. There is a so-called Mexican restaurant down on the creek that everyone loves. But the food is horrid. Or at least I think it is horrid. Personally, to me, salsa is supposed to be chunky and a tad spicy with lots of cilantro. But their salsa looks like it has been process in the blender until the tomatoes are mush. And that is about the nicest thing I can say about their food. But he liked it.

The second lesson learned was that once he had his hands on my camera forget getting it back. Lesson learned is that he needs to get his own camera. None of the shots he took were ones that I wanted. He can use the little point and shoot in the future. He generally does have a good for composition except that he must have left it at home. And he also thinks that he needs to fill the memory card.

The last lesson was that although he may be the child that reads, his attention span at Borders is very short. Since the boat races were a bust, we went to Borders instead. I never need any excuse to go to Borders so as an incentive, I offered to let him pick out a book or two within reason. His first choice was vetoed but he did manage to find two other books that he wanted.

And after Borders, I dropped him off at carnival to go work in the food building. It is more of a social thing for him. His mother, sister, and some friends were going to meet him later for the fireworks. I met his mother and gave her the camera so that he could take the photos for me. I stayed home and saw the high ones from my living room.


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3 responses to “July 4th Recap in Photos

  1. Sounds like a good 4th! Hey, you’re lucky that your nephew didn’t pick Taco Bell or something even worse than a mediocre Mexican restaurant.

  2. amy

    Welcome back! In the nephew’s defense…I’m a librarian and my attention span at Borders is rather short. Maybe it’s too much like work.

    Great photos of the fireworks.

  3. I’m not a bookstore browser and it makes my husband completely nuts. I love books though so who knows.

    14 year old boys are something else aren’t they? A unique species to themselves… I think they grow out of it. Mine just turned 15 so we’ll see how it goes from here.

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