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Quilting Time

It seems like I have been spending more time in the quilting studio but that is okay. I have plenty to finish up in there. Plus for every hour spent in there I am forcing myself to spend at least 10 minutes cleaning up. The progress is slow but noticeable.

I was given two antique dressers recently that need a little bit of rehab. (They spent the winter in an unheated but insulated garage.) From previous experience, I know that most of the local antique places use a nice eco-friendly product first on everything. And since I had a partial bottle on hand, I have started rehabbing the one that is in better shape first. This one will go into the quilt studio and the drawers will hold fabric and yarn. The second one needs some work done on the drawers before using it. I have someone who do the work for me but I am going to get the wood ready before he does the work. This one will go into my downstairs front room that acts as a backup studio.

Yes, I have two quilting studios. My house is an old house and the first floor is rented out as commercial space. Because of the fire code, I have to have two exits from the second floor. So the front room where the stairs lead to the front door is mine. There is a door there that allows me access to the basement as well. The tenants have no access to this room. Since it is really a spare room for me, I have been using it for storage. I have organized fabrics and stored them on a nice wire shelf unit and am sorting out all sorts of old knitting, needlepoint, and quilting magazines in that room. And this will be where the second dress will live after it has been rehabbed. Actually both of them are in that room right now.

I have 3 mini quilts to sew binding on this weekend. I will also be starting a baby quilt for a friend who is due later on in the fall. I picked out the colors for French Fry and the pattern. I think she will like it and it will represent French Fry’s American and French parents. I can’t wait to start this one.

I am knitting yet another Clapotis as well. I needed something to knit that wasn’t a sock and I wanted it to mindless. So after reaching into the stash, I found yarn that has been in there awhile and I had actually bought to make a Clapotis. So I started it. I am on the straight section right now and while be for awhile. I am using a DK weight yarn and a smaller needle with plenty of yarn so the shawl will be longer. And while digging for that particular yarn, I came across some Noro Silk Garden that I think will leaving my stash. So if you are interested in trading something for some Silk Garden, let me know. The link will take you to my Ravelry stash page so you can see the color.

It is blackberry time, so I am out picking every day now. And it is zucchini time. I need to pick some tonight for dinner. I also need to make sure I have everything I need for dinner Sunday night since I am cooking for some family friends. They used to own an extremely popular restaurant near by but sold it in the fall. He is a chef but that doesn’t scare me. It is pulling together a menu based on a few different Arabic cookbooks that I own that is daunting. I love Arabic food and that is what I have chosen to cook. I am doing the cooking at my father’s house since it is easier and he has more room. Who knows, I may even invite my brother and his family over. Dinner won’t be until after evening Mass but the kids don’t have school now.


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