Sunny Days

It is definitely summer here in the mid-Atlantic. Because of the really cool spring, everything is late in blooming and ripening. The blackberry bushes that I normally would have been picking several quarts a day off of still have a few blossoms. And it is averaging out to be about 2 quarts picked every other day.Zucchini is just starting to come in. And tomatoes are formed but not yet turning red.

The sunflowers are just starting to bloom as well. I planted sunflowers last year but mine were the smaller ones. My neighbor right behind me plants the 15 footers every year. Well the one really tall one that is growing in my flower bed is either a seed from mine last year that has had its genetic code rescrambled to be really tall or a bird dropped some of the really tall seeds into my flower bed. I am guessing the flower stalk is well over 10 feet tall. I have to use a telephoto lens to photograph it!!

The weekend was spent working on quilts. I managed to completely finish 3 little mini quilts that need to be popped into the mail. Photos of these little charmers will show up after I know they have been received. I also managed to get about half of the blocks done for French Fry’s quilt. I also decided that I needed to sew bindings and hanging sleeves (if needed) on all of the quilts that I have been getting back from the machine quilter lately. It is still a little warm even with air conditioning to be sitting under a large quilt while hand sewing the binding on but this way they will be ready when the weather turns a bit cooler. I did manage to finish sewing on the binding and hanging sleeve for one of my doll quilts. I just need to create the label and sew it on before washing it and photographing it again. And in the process of all of this finishing qork, I have actually managed to create more open space on the studio floor. I stuck firm to my new rule about cleaning for 10 minutes for every hour of sewing. I promise you there will be photos soon of some of the finished quilts.

There is some knitting going on besides the Clapotis. My nephew has asked me to knit him a sweater and he is very trusting and letting me pick the pattern and the yarn. So I am swatching for a Cobblestone for him. I have some Eco-Wool in my stash and am swatching it up to see if it will work for him. If anyone has any suggestions for a good yarn for this pattern, please let me know. I may have to make this pattern twice. I have a feeling that my brother may borrow from his son with this sweater. And that would be a nice switch from my nephew helping himself sometimes from his daddy’s closet!


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2 responses to “Sunny Days

  1. Have you looked on Rav? I always like to see what yarns others use and read comments about the yarns and so on πŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva
    PS: That sunflower looks gorgeous πŸ™‚

  2. pretty flowers! I only have marigolds in my garden, as I didn’t get around to flowers yet..

    I am loving blackberries at the moment! I have plans to make jam soon! πŸ™‚ I just wish the brambles weren’t so brambly and tick-filled. I am 2 for 2 on the tick-finding after berry picking!!

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