Hot Weekend

The heat has struck the mid-Atlantic finally. This past spring and early summer were very comfortable heat wise. But this past week it has been hot and nasty. My plans for the weekend were based on trying to stay cool. Although I did go to the farmer’s market and the yarn shop. I may be on a yarn diet with P but we did allow ourselves an out if we needed to purchase some yarn to complete an project. And I did not have enough of the same color of Eco-Wool in my stash that I need to knit my nephew’s Cobblestone. I finally did a gauge swatch and after talking to my nephew, I started it. And based on the yardage for the size I have cast on I need exactly 3 skeins but I have 4 skeins. I may need to lengthen it. I will have the boy try it on at some point before I finish the body. (Photos later of this nothing to show yet.)

My original plans called for going to the bookstore after the yarn shop but I got a phone call asking if I wanted to head out to West Virgina to the new cabin of my one my dad’s neighbor’s. And since I know it would be cooler up in the mountains, I quickly agreed to ride along. So I gathered up the necessary stuff for a 2 hour car ride – knitting bag, camera, and a book or two. Yes, my knitting bag contained Cobblestone. The total amount of progress on the sweater when I started was that it was cast on and joined in the round. It now measures about 4 inches.

Even in the car with the a/c, you could tell that it was hot out. About an hour from Frederick is a fantastic scenic overlook called Sideling Hill. . I love the view from this overlook and always stop and to see the valley. Even on a hot hazy day, the view is fantastic.

The trip up the mountain to the cabin was nice. But I will admit that I am happy that it wasn’t me driving. You have the rock of the mountain on one side and a guardrail on the other. And this road is a major highway!! I am just happy that it is summer because I don’t think I would want to be on this road in the winter.

We finally found the cabin and it is still under construction. But the neighbor is doing almost all of the construction himself. They are hoping to move up there next summer. I am not sure how his grandchildren who live with him will like it up there. The kids go up there on weekends but to live up there would be another story. The closest town is about 15 miles on the road in front of the house. There is literally no one around.

I like the way the lot has been cleared. Only the trees needed around the house and the garage were cleared. Of course with 18 acres of woods, a clearing or two is nice. The exerior of the house s done and the well dug but not hooked up to the house yet. While my dad and the neighbor talked, Iwandered all over the cleared part of the lot with the camera. The photo of the stream is where the water from the well is being dumped right now. When he drilled for the well, he hit an underground river. The pressure is too high to cap the well so a temporary pipe was rigged up to divert the water. There is a lot of iron in the water which is why the rocks look like they belong in a EPA clean up site.

And the weather was a bit cooler up on top of the mountain. Well cooler is a relative term. It was still in the high 80’s but there was a breeze blowing. And I did manage to get a fair bit of knitting done on the drive up there and back.


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3 responses to “Hot Weekend

  1. Yarn Diet… Yarn Diet… Yarn Diet…

    The photos from the trip are really lovely. Though I still think the last photo looks like Bio-Waste or the Quickening after shot from a Highlander Episode.

  2. What a gorgeous overlook! Are those the Blue Ridge Mtns.? I need to visit there sometime.

    I’ll be sure to bring my camera to Colorado this weekend. I’m so excited for the fresh mountain air.

    Your nephew is very lucky! I’m trying to decide whether I should use my stash of Eco-Wool for the new Cosima sweater from Berroco, or break down and buy the recommended Cuzco.

  3. My parents have a place in WV and I love to visit, but I don’t know about how living there all the time would be. I hate driving out there in the snow, mostly because my little Focus barely makes it up the mountains. Definitely does not make it up their switch-back drive way! We swam in Blackwater River the other weekend, and my sister was worried about the white parts of her bathing suit turning rusty!

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