By Request

I have been emailing Sarah and she wanted to see some corn field pictures. I had planned on taking them tonight but I had to go out last night so I took the camera with me. I had to go play computer tech for a family friend who was having some email issues. (Simply problem to resolve but hard to keep a straight face when solving it. I know I will be having to solve the same exact problem again.)

One the was up to this friend’s house, you are driving between farms. I found a nice spot to pull over and a nice field with soybeans and corn and a silo to take a photo of just for Sarah. But on the way back, I decided to take a different road. (One advantage of country living is all sorts of farm roads to drive.) I was wanting to hit a specific spot coming back into town where I knew I could find a corn field that would have corn well over 6 feet by now. And the fact that the sun setting behind the mountains from there is a fantastic sight added an extra factor into the detour.

And I am happy I took the detour since the corn was nice and high and the sunset was oh so beautiful. And this location will always remain agricultural because it is next to a power company substation. So Sarah, these photos are just for you!!!!

And yes, I went home to play with my sewing machine some more. I am experimenting with a new quilt design. Version #1 should be done soon with version #2 coming soon. I will try and take a photo of my Cobblestone and the quilts in progress tonight.


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2 responses to “By Request

  1. Wow… those are really breath taking. I really love the sunsets.

  2. Awesome pictures!!! I love them.

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