In the effort to try and get my name out there as a photographer, I submit stuff every where. One of my favorite places to submit for possible publication is JPG magazine. There are different themes for every issue plus you are able to place your photos in other categories that may be possible themes for future issues. So far I haven’t had anything make it into the magazine but I figure the more I try the better my chances.

And yes, there will eventually be an Etsy store if I ever get everything together and make more cards and frame some more prints. Right now I am in the middle of trying to finish hand sewing on the binding to a quilt that I am hoping to deliver to some one Sunday. (Almost done with it too!) Plus I am hoping to finish up an experimental quilt tonight. I saw something in either a magazine or book years ago and the idea has stuck in my head. I have finally gotten around to taking the image from head and putting it into fabric and thread. I may not have photos of it finished for tomorrow but I will have photos for nest week of it finished. I am planning on taking it to my phoo guild meeting and letting everyone have a go at shooting it. (Plus some one in the guild is interested in a possible commission!!! Hopefully he won’t be shocked at the prices for a hand made quilt.)

And just so there is a photo here today since this is all about photography, here is another one from my Saturday trip up to West Virginia.

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  1. First off, I want to say thank you for introducing me to JPG magazine. It really is a great site and I’ve met some wonderful photographers there.

    Second of all, I’m simply blown away by how great your photography is. Every day you bring something new to the table. I love it Mia. Keep shutterbugging!

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