Finally Some Knitting

Okay this is supposed to be a knitting blog so there will be some photographic evidence of knitting in today’s post. I have been on a quilting kick lately. I have been sending quilts to the machine quilt on the average of about 2 per month. I am working my way through a large pile. Yes, this pile is on top of the bookcase in the studio.

The ones that I have been sending so far have been small ones. I am trying to use up fabric that is already in the stash for backings so it is easier to find smaller pieces. I need to piece some backings together for some of the bigger ones. But I am going to have to break down and buy backing fabrics for the bed size ones soon. Plus I have a few bed size quilts that just need borders sewn on before they are ready to jon the bookcase pile.

But the pile of quilts that have been quilted is not too bad. I have sewn on the binding to every one that I have gotten back so that they are ready to go. I have already hand sewn the bindings on a few of them already. They are still in the pile because they need labels. But the labels should be done later today and ready to be hand sewn. Want to make an educated guess that quilts may be holiday gifts this year?

I have some quilts that are in progress. A special quilt for French Fry still needs another 12 blocks sewn before I start sewing it together. I think that baby quilts need to be big enough to cover mom and baby and grow up with baby. I also finished up an experimental quilt idea that I have been playing with it. Yes, the mini is pinned to the curtains in the studio. The quilt is sew through. I want to tweak it some before doing it again.

And finally knitting. I started Cobblestone last weekend for my nephew’s Christmas present. He finally got to see it for the first time yesterday and he likes the color. Although his little brother thinks that his daddy needs a sweater. But what does a three year old know sometimes? He was trying to talk me into feeding him banana bread when there was none in the house despite his insistence that there was some. Lucky for me, he is agreeable to changes so long as he gets to eat. After feeding him a snack, he liked his brother’s sweater.

Posting next week will be sporadic for several reasons. Monday is the day that my mother will finally be buried. The ceremony will be at Arlington and P and her husband are coming in Sunday night. Tuesday I have to show my cousin and her daughter around DC. Depending on what my cousin wants to see, I may let her do her thing and I will wander the Mall and play with the camera. I think she wants to hit Aerospace and the Natural History Museums. I have been to both more times than I care to admit. So hopefully we can agree to meet at a certain spot on the Mall and both go our own ways. I have a few places I would like to hit that I have either not been to before or just love to revisit. So hopefully things will work out the way I want them to and there will be plenty of photos next week. Wonder if I can manage to hit a yarn store while I am in DC?


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3 responses to “Finally Some Knitting

  1. Wow, you are getting a LOT of quilts done. And the cobblestone is totally on my list – I cant wait to see how yours knits up.

    I am really sorry about your mom. I will actually also be in DC all next week (for a conference). There is a nice yarn store walking distance from the Eastern Market Metro station (stitch dc)…all the other ones I can recommend are closer to baltimore.

  2. oh Mia, I love it! 🙂

  3. I wish my quilting urge would kick in. I miss it.

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