Two Days in DC

Monday and Tuesday were busy days here at Knit & Play with Fire land. On Monday morning, I met P and Mac for breakfast before we headed to Arlington National Cemetery. It was not until we got there that we found out that my mother’s funeral would be a full military funeral. My mother served 5 years in the US Navy and she was given credit for service during Vietnam even though she left the service before military troops were really sent to Vietnam. Her burial site over looks the Pentagon.

After the service, P, Mac, and I went over to DC to Cake Love. And just for those who care to see Mac all dressed up in a suit and tie. I am posting his picture here. Yes, MG, there are several photos of him in a suit and tie. After we had dessert, we headed back up towards Frederick to a reception hosted by a family friend. I will have to say that Mac was the hit of the party. He held everyone in awe in the dining room discussing all sorts of topics. Everyone described him as being extremely funny. P and I were in the other room, so we can’t really vouch for this description. But everyone had fun and my oldest nephew is now going to save his money so he can buy some more video games.

Taken next door to Cake Love in DC

Taken next door to Cake Love in DC

On Tuesday, I took my cousin and her daughter down to DC. Her daughter wanted to go to the Smithsonian. We settled on the Natural History Museum and wandered all over it. One advantage of having been there so many times is that you pretty much know where everything is located. We wandered around the dinosaur exhibits and through the Soil exhibit which was interesting. Of course the bugs were the best part. The Madagascar hissing cockroach was one of the insects out to be petted and held. And since I know some one who has some in her classroom, I held one briefly but I felt that the kids should be the ones holding it. So I let my cousin’s daughter take it next. And her mother was wondering what had taken over her daughter’s body. They live near New Orleans and they both hate bugs.

After touring the museum we picked up free tickets to the butterfly exhibit but we had tickets for 3:30 so we headed off to lunch. We than walked down the mall toward the Lincoln Memorial.. I honestly don’t think my cousin realized how spread about everything is on the Mall. I was trying to keep us in the shade as much as possible but by the time we got to the World War II Memorial, they needed to sit. Since it was a really hot day, there were tons of people around the pool in the middle of the Memorial with their feet in the water. So we stayed there a bit cooling down. Wet feet do cool you done. My cousin’s daughter wanted to go to the Lincoln Memorial which is at the other end of the Reflecting Pool. So we walked down there next. There was an ice cream stand right outside the memorial so we stopped to get some ice cream. But when they both saw how many stairs there were to climb they changed their minds.

The view from the WWII Memorial

The view from the WWII Memorial

I really love the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. It is simple yet an elegant tribute to those who served and lost their lives in that war that was not a war. We were right next to it so I made sure that we stopped there as well. I checked with a park ranger there and the closest Metro station was a 1/2 mile hike up 23rd Street I didn’t tell my cousin how far up the station was because I think she was getting walked out. But she did get to see the Department of State building while we walked up the street along with George Washington University.

The next stop on the whirlwind tour of DC a la KylieMac was the National Zoo. Of course there was another hike from the Metro station. And lucky for me, there was a Starbucks right across the street from the zoo entrance. I do need my fix every so often. We walked along the Asia Trail and saw the sloth bear, the clouded leopard, and the red panda. The clouded leopards were hiding but we did manage to spot one. I did take a photo but it was not the best. I think I need to go back to the zoo to try again. And any visit to the zoo requires a trip to the Panda House. The giant pandas were smart and were in their indoor habitat where the air was nice and cool.

I would have been happy to keep walking and explore of the zoo but my cousin was getting hungry so we headed over to Adams-Morgan and ate before heading back home. I think that I walked my cousin and her daughter out. And they were complaining about the heat and humidity. They are from the New Orleans area and thought it was bad here. It was hot true but I guess I am used to it. I will be going back down to DC to go back to the museums and my favorite monuments to play with my camera but I will either go by myself or take my oldest nephew or my niece. Okay on second though, maybe not the oldest one since I will be fighting him the entire time to be able to use my camera. He claims that he can’t take a decent photo using a point and shoot. Maybe I will take his sister instead.

Okay there are more photos that I wanted to put in this post but Word Press and I are having a few issues with photos today. So check out the photos over on Flickr instead. Hopefully I can figure out what is going on in the meantime.


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3 responses to “Two Days in DC

  1. Yay for bugs and monuments! Have you seen the FDR memorial? I think that is my favorite.

  2. Yes, I could definitely spend weeks in DC.

  3. What a surprise to have your mother honored that way! DC is a fun town, too, added bonus 🙂

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