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Winter Quilting Forecast

The Farmers’ Almanac has released it forecast for this winter already. And the prediction is cold!!! For the Mid Atlantic, they are predicting an unusually wet or snowy February. And around here, we can have both at the same time. Snow here can be pretty wet and heavy. (I hate having to shovel this type of snow!!!)

Looking at how the county is divided for the Farmers’ Almanac, I just realized that my protion of Maryland is right on the divide between the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachia.

Now the Hagerstown Almanack has not released it prediction for the upcoming winter yet, so I will be curious to see if the two are close. Since Hagerstown is right over the mountains from me, I wonder if they will be predict a cold winter as well. For our strange local weather , this alamanck tends to be more accurate. Sitting about 50 miles north and about 50 miles west of Baltimore, we are in a valley and right up against the mountains. Our weather in this area depends exactly on where you are in relation to the mountains and where in the valley you are located. Weather forecasts for this area are either done in the Baltimore area or the DC area. Can you guess that they are generally not accurate for my area?

My prediction for this winter is that I will be needing to drag out all of the quilts from the blanket chest and get them washed soon. Plus I need to be finishing up more so I can layer them on my bed. My bedroom gets cold since while old windows are wonderful, they are a bit drafty at times. I tend to pile quilts on my bed when it gets cold but I think I may need a higher pile this winter.

And if I am going to need more quilts, I think I may need more knitted items as well. Must start working on more socks, scarves, and hats. And since I don’t have any new FOs to show off, I will instead post a photo from a shoot in Brunswick Saturday morning. I took part in a national photo shoot and this is one of the ones I am entering for consideration for a local and hopefully a national prize. (You have to win the local to be eligible for the national one.)

This photo is called Lone Fisherman. The light was just right and I was lucky enough to up on the bridge overlooking the river at the right time. Back to photo editing.


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