Chiggers and Stuff

Chiggers are evil evil creatures. I am unable to wear shoes right now because of chiggers. If there is a bug that will bite and leave a huge welt, it will find me. I was at two different friends’ house on Monday and I am not sure which one has the chigger problem. I was wearing sandals and the bites are all over my feet and ankles. The nasty part about chigger bites is that they do not not show up until about 12 hours later. To say that I been spending my time trying not to scratch my bites would be accurate. Thankfully, I found the one drug that does work on chigger bites. My feet and ankles are slowly starting to look better. Of course this means all I want to do is sit in front of the tv and knit and read.

And there has been knitting that actually has been finished for awhile. Socks have been waiting for my sock model to agree to pose for the last several weeks. But my sock model has not been cooperative. But I bribed her with a few books and she agreed to pose. OF course, getting my underling photographer to do the photography was easy. All I had to do was let him use the camera. Although the photographer and model did have some issues. But they are siblings so that is to be expected. And since she ended up with two pairs of socks, she really couldn’t complain.

She modeled 4 different pairs of socks of which she was allowed to keep two pairs. Two of the pairs were knit by P and the other two were knit by me. The first pair is already up on the Knit Buddies Blog but here is a shot on the foot. And yes, she liked them. She will be wearing them to school as the weather cools down.

The second pair that she chose to keep was a pair that I had knit for her. She wanted to give it my aunt – her great aunt. But the choice to keep the socks was always her choice. Even looking at the finished socks, she was still saying to send them to our aunt. That is until she put them on her feet and was seduced by the power of STR. Yes, the power of STR colors and softness is that strong. She has decided that they will be her socks to wear at home on snow days. Although, with the colors as bright as they are, they would be perfect for finding her in the dark.

The next two pairs she tried on were mine. The first pair she liked except that the yarn matched a hat that is her brother’s (the photographer) favorite hat at the moment. (It is his favorite until the next knit hat gets into his hands.) And the second pair was a pair that P had knit for me using Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Personally, I have found the Kureyon sock yarn to be a little bit harsh. And this is after it has been washed and soaked about 4 times. I did not tell my niece this when she put on the socks. But she was willing to keep them on for as long as it took her brother to photograph them. Either our feet are a little bit sensitive or the yarn is really rough. I know that P said this pair will be the only time she uses this yarn.

I am almost finished with yet another pair of socks. I wanted to have a pair of plain socks on the needles and when I reached into the stash, I pulled out some Regia Bamboo yarn that has been in the stash for a bit. Since I could tell the yarn had some drape in the skein, I went over to Ravelry and searched for a pattern. I fell in love with the Tutti Frutti pattern over there. Of course, I have changed the pattern some what by turning it into a toe up pattern. And I ahve decided to add some ribbing to the top. The yarn may be a summery yarn but I will wear these in the winter time. Photos soon since this is a fast pattern.


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3 responses to “Chiggers and Stuff

  1. Ugh, chiggers really are evil. At the farm back in NC, we have to coat ourselves with flour and cover up in long sleeves and jeans to get back to the blueberry patch, so I understand what you’re going through!

    The socks look great! Noro sock yarn just became available at my favorite French online store, but I was immediately concerned about the itchy factor. Thanks for confirming what I suspected!

  2. Gorgeous socks!! All of them 🙂 I have a few skeins of the Noro Kureyon and the Noro Silk Blossoms sock yarn and they’re both horribly scratchy. I can’t even stand to touch them to knit something with. So they’re just sitting here to be looked at 🙂

    You know, I always get horrible reactions to bug bites too. For example, I got a single mosquito bite on June 24th, and you can still see it on my arm. I have found though that if I take an antihistamine, the itching & swelling disappear almost immediately. Of course, I didn’t have any antihistamine for the June 24th bite and that is why it is still visible (although it doesn’t itch anymore) almost 3 months later 🙂

    Cheers Eva

  3. I can’t stand chiggers. I used to get them at camp.
    Great socks!