Ready for Hanna

Okay, the garbage cans and the recycle bins are in the basement. My house plants have been moved from the front porch to the enclosed back porch. My rusty tools still need to come indoors. Any thing that blow has been moved into secure areas – think basement. I will move the rain gauge to the garden by my door where I can see it. I will make a run over to Borders here shortly to pick up another book to read. You can never have too many books in the too be read pile. There is food that doesn’t need to be cooked in the house. The flashlights have batteries that work in them. I have two windows that need to have the storms put back in them. (I forgot to replace them when the window sills were painted.)

I am ready for whatever Hanna may throw my way. And the humidity is creeping up.


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3 responses to “Ready for Hanna

  1. Keep safe and dry, Mia! You sound very prepared — and more books is always a good idea. 🙂

  2. I hope you fare well!
    I’m tired of hurricane season and we still have months left…

  3. We are getting remnants of Hanna up here today. It’s just some rain though – supposed to be heavy at times and so far they aren’t calling for strong winds (or too strong anyway). I guess things could change though. It’s only supposed to last until some time this afternoon or evening I think. We’re supposed to get nice sunny weather for the next few days at least. Next weekend they are saying we could get the remnants of the next hurricane making rounds – I think it’s Ike?