Is it just me or is Bloglines having some problems? I have been having some problems for the last several days. Anyone else having the same propblems?


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4 responses to “Bloglines?

  1. either that or only 2 people out of my 162 blogs that I keep up with updated today.

    yeah right.

  2. i switched to google reader last month because i had such problems with bloglines. it’s different, but once you get used to it, it’s ok. perfectly serviceable.

  3. I’ve been having trouble in wordpress with HTML showing along with visual when I publish. For the last two weeks I’ve had to go back and edit out the HTML language that shows. I guess it’s just a small inconvenience. Oh, well…blog on.

  4. I had problems with Blogllines not loading in the past couple of days…but it seems to have been resolved already.