Busy Knitting

I have gotten hooked on knitting cowls. I just haven’t been able to take a decent photo of the one finished one I still have yet. I finished two up over the weekend while working at the fair. I gave them away. Apparently the boys thought they were great for working in the barn in the winter time. They cover their necks and they can pull them up over their noses too. Keeping your nose warm is apparently important to teenage boys, important enough that you don’t care what color the cowl is. The first one I knit was out of a skein of pink Big Wool. Yes, pink. The other cowl was in a blue colorway.

I just finished a fourth cowl today. Yes, fourth. This one was done in Baby Alpaca Grande that has been sitting in the stash for awhile. I have a feeling that this one may be taken by my nephew. He has started running cross country and it will getting cold soon. I am trying to keep it though. I need to do some holiday knitting.

So to amuse you will I try to get some decent photos, here are a few shots of the flowers in my neighbor’s yard yesterday. And Bloglines is working again but I am starting to switch some of my daily reads over to Google Reader just in case.

The dahlias in my neighbor's yard

The dahlias in my neighbor's yard

The apples are almost ready for harvest on this heirloom tree

The apples are almost ready for harvest on this heirloom tree


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2 responses to “Busy Knitting

  1. I hadn’t thought about how practical a cowl could be before! Can’t wait to see what your look like. I’m not a huge cowl fan, as they mess up my hair, but they sure seem like fun to knit.

    I’m going to look for Poems of Color at my library first, but if I can’t find it, I’ll shoot you an email! I can’t believe how well stocked your craft library is. Also, I absolutely love Fairy Hare! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to trade for it. My stash page isn’t completely up to date, but it’s close. 🙂 You’re the best, Mia!

  2. They must have been pretty great cowls for a teenage boy to snag a pink one! I love the apple picture, it makes me want to go apple picking.