Okay I have a photo of one cowl at least. It is the one that I have made for my LYS owner. She is always cold in the winter and hates wearing scarves. And I need ed a project to work on while I was at the fair so we pulled up the pattern I had in mind on the shop computer. She liked it and wanted only a slight modification to the pattern. She doesn’t like anything tight around her neck so I added an extra repeat and knit it on the size needle called for instead of my normal dropping down a size. The pattern is the Crofter’s Cowl. But instead of knitting 2 halves and grafting them, I knit 6 repeats straight. This is what she wanted so I will deliver. I had a skein of Malabrigo in blue with me and that is the yarn I used. I will be knitting this pattern again in the same yarn but a different colorway for P. I will make one that for hopefully myself in a skein of purple Malabrigo as well. Hopefully being the operative word since my niece would love it too. It is still damp so no modeled shots yet. There will be one once it is delivered.

Details of the cowl knitted for my LYS owner

Details of the cowl knitted for my LYS owner

I finished the one that may go to my nephew yesterday. It was washed and is laying on top of the dryer to dry right now. Wet alpaca really has a unique smell. It was way to damp to photograph this morning so the photo of it will be up here shortly.

Since I want to work on a quilting project at the fair tonight, I sewed the binding and hanging sleeve onto the little quilt that I used as a teaser the other week. Hopefully I will be able to get the binding sewn on fairly fairly fast. It is small after all. The temperatures have been dropping into the low 50s at night so quilts are coming out of the blanket chest.

Saturday is the last day of the fair and there is a sheep to shawl demo at the fiber tent. I am definitely going to be working the tent Saturday. I always seem to miss this at MDS&W. If I am working, I will have a front row seat. I will try to remember to take some photos.

Found a last patch of blackberries

Found a last patch of blackberries

A tired zinnia in the garden

A tired zinnia in the garden



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3 responses to “Cowls

  1. Great cowl, I love the colorway.

  2. Just lovely! I think passing on the grafting sounds like a great idea. Malabrigo cowls sound super comfy, too.

    Have fun at the sheep-to-shawl event! I’d love to witness that sometime. It sounds very intense.

  3. morningjoy

    Umm…I have a longing right now for gatherings like the Sheep and Wool Festival. I like the cowl you knitted. It looks so snugly and warm–perfect for fall days.