Only one more day of the fair!!! There is supposed to be a sheep to shawl demo tomorrow but whether or not it happens is another story. But I will have some photos hopefully over the weekend of the monster tomato I just picked. I picked 9 pounds of tomatoes up in my neighbor’s garden in less than 10 minutes. Okay 6 minutes was spent playing with the dog. But one of the tomatoes weighted in at 2 pounds. Plus there was a small handful of the last of the blackberries. The air is feeling more and more like fall.


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4 responses to “Friday!!!

  1. I hope you get your sheep to shawl!!
    Have fun at the fair.

  2. A 2-lb. tomato? Wow!

    I picked up a butternut squash and freshly pressed apple cider at the farmer’s market on Wed. I love this time of year. 🙂

  3. impressive… Hope you had fun tonight

  4. Hi Mia!
    I seem to have lost your email…
    Wondering if you’re still up for helping at Stitches East?? I’m just writing in names for Vendor passes – shall I put you in for one?
    tshrew AT