Cowls and More Cowls

Finally photos of the 3 finished cowls that I have kept. Okay they are not the greatest photos but my model is in school and if she sees the purple one, she will want it. I have enough left over from my purple one to knit a second one. I may just go ahead and knit a second one. Her birthday and Christmas are coming up.

I had a skein of Baby Alpaca Grande in my stash. I knit it up big enough to go over my nephew’s head. (He has a big head.) It is a simple 4 by 2 rib. I am not sure he will wear it but I am counting on the fact that he likes scarves but doesn’t like to wear them. If he doesn’t like it, I get to keep it. It is nice and soft and warm.

The second one is a “modeled” shot of the one that I knit for my LYS owner. We picked the Crofter’s Cowl pattern and I used up a skien of Malabrigo that was in my stash. I did not graft that pattern and I added extra repeats to the patterns since she doesn’t like anything tight around her neck. I like the way this turned out enough to want to make another one.

The blue cowl on top is Cathy's cowl

The blue cowl on top is Cathy's cowl

And the last finished one is a Pansy Sherbrooke Cowl by Lolly. My one LYS just started to carry Shepherd’s Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. I liked the feel of the yarn and decided to buy a skein to see how it knit up. The yarn is extremely soft and a dream to knit with. I like it enough to be looking at buying enough for two sweaters worth. And maybe some roving. Okay, I don’t spin yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t built up a fiber stash.

And I have yet another cowl on the needles. I am knitting a cowl for P in Malabrigo. I was supposed to knit her a hat last winter but truthfully she never wears hats. So I am knitting her a cowl instead. She has said she will wear it. This one is my own pattern based on the traditional feather and fan lace pattern. She wants it long enough to pull up over her head. So I am going to just keep knitting it until I run out of yarn. That should be plenty long enough for her.

And the ankle is healing. The swelling is almost all the way down. It will be wrapped starting tomorrow for support. A bag of peas makes the best ice pak. The bruising is almost completely gone. Between icing and regular applications of arnica,I had very little bruising.


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3 responses to “Cowls and More Cowls

  1. cool cowls. and…that is my absolute favorite shade of malibrigo!!!

  2. Those are great- you have definitely been busy!

  3. I feel a cowl surge coming on. Peas ARE the best ice pack. Heal quickly!