Bad Kitty

The pretty kitty in the post earlier this week has been a bad girl. No, she did not attack my knitting. Although she likes to play with circular needles. She escaped out the front door last night just before 8 pm. My dad called me to say that she had escaped and that he could not find her. It had just started to rain but I grabbed a flashlight and headed over. Since we knew she had headed up the street, I went into the neighbors’ backyards looking for. I caught her eyes with the flash light two houses up but she ignored me. I had just called my brother to come help find her. He was on his way home from working late so he swung by. He did find her and she came in on her own. But only when your brother is a trooper will you get another trooper, on duty no less, to stop by and help find your missing cat.

She stopped moving long enough to capture her

She stopped moving long enough to capture her

The scary part is that we were all out in our neighbors’ yards with flash light in the dark and yet no one noticed!!! Our friendly resident trooper will be making a few house calls here soon as a result. The one neighbor’s yard where I first spotted Mimi has quite a bit of bushes and shrubbery right next to the house and covering windows. I was able to get right next to the house and a window and was never noticed. That is not a good thing. Because there is barely any crime in the neighborhood, no one has a security system like you will find in more urban areas. The resident troopers will be using the hunt for Mimi as a lesson for crime prevention and cutting back shrubs and bushes right next to the houses.

And when I called my brother, I knew he would come regardless of how much he complains about not liking her. They have a mutual love/hate relationship. But on the rare occasions when she escapes out the front door, he is always the one who can find her.

And the reason she escaped was a bad daddy. He opened the front door to check on something and forgot to check and see if she was near the door. She was a little bit wet when she came back inside but otherwise okay. She does a stunt like this about once a year. I personally think it is her way to get my brother to admit he likes her since he is always the one who finds her. And the funny thing is that every time she escapes, it is raining!

I started a yet another cowl last night. But this time it is for me. I am trying to finish up a few things that have been laying around in baskets now so I can finish them for holiday gifts. My SIL is allergic to wool and I need to go through the stash to see what I have that is 100% alpaca so I knit her a cowl. Plus she is going to help me out by taking the odds and ends of my wools and cast offs and knit hats for kids at church. Cleaning out the stash means I can buy more yarn. Doesn’t it? Last night, I bought a sweater’s worth for a sweater for me. And I just placed an order from Webs for two sweaters worth. Okay, one of the sweaters is for my nephew. I saw the pattern for Bang and P and I both think it would suit my nephew perfectly. The only problem is that finding a super bulky yarn that won’t cost an arm and leg is not easy locally. So Webs offered up the answer with Valley Yarns. And since I was placing an order, it made perfect sense to order enough to get the good discount. I will be cleaning out enough yarn this weekend for about 3 sweaters. I have gone through the stash and pulled out all of the cotton yarns and will be sharing them with two members of my knitting group. Plus I have some bulky yarn that I will never knit up that I am offering up to them. Steph, you had better let your husband know that I bringing yarn Sunday.

Fall leaves in black & white

Fall leaves in black & white

Hopefully my model will co-operate tonight and I can take a photo or two of her wearing the cowls. I am taking Chinese up to my brother’s house for dinner. The kids are busy all weekend and my SIL is trying to finish baking for the church German dinner tomorrow. And I am going to be on the lookout for fall leaves this weekend. The weather is cool and damp so ti feels like fall.

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  1. Oh no, Mimi’s been up to no good! Your brother’s an awfully good sport. Thank goodness she made it back OK.

    Have a great weekend! Sounds like you’ll be getting enough yarn to knit up a storm. 🙂