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The orange flowers int he garden are reminders of cooler nights.

The orange flowers int he garden are reminders of cooler nights.

First of all an ankle update. The ankle was started to hurt pretty bad Saturday even though all I did was to sit at the LYS and knit all day. So I went to urgent care and this time it was x-rayed. The doctor saw what looked like a small fracture but he wasn’t sure if it was the old break that had failed to heal or a new one. So he requested that the radiologist at the hospital look at the x-rays. The radiologist said that it was a new fracture. Since it is a bone you don’t need to have and it is at the top of the bone, my ankle is wrapped and I have an air brace on it. Given that I have broken this ankle before, I have an appointment with an orthopedist on Wednesday morning. Hopefully they will fit me with an air brace that fits better. Apparently the treatment for a fracture is the same as the treatment for a sprain.

One bit of news that I was given is that because of the repeated sprains to this ankle and the previous fractures, the nerves are not as sensitive as they should be. Repeated strains and sprains stretch out the ligaments and tendons making them slower to heal. And the nerves stretch as well but they lose their sensitivity. But giving the way the ankle has been hurting, I seriously doubt the loss of sensitivity. It hurts now. I can’t wait to hear what the orthopedist has to say on Wednesday. And one good thing about my breaking or spraining a joint is that it tends to make me get into shape. I will be signing up for yoga class as soon as I get the all clear.

The darker background makes the orange pop

The darker background makes the orange pop

On the knitting front, I have always wanting to knit myself A Cardigan for Arwen. Well I have finally found the yarn in Shepherd’s Wool. The LYS that carries it had enough in Pansy to knit this sweater so I bought it Friday evening. I have already finished my gauge swatch and I am dead on with the stitch gauge and only 1/2 row off with the row gauge. But I can live with the 1/2 row being off. Now to cast on. I was trying to stay away from purples and was hoping for a red. But I went with what was in stock. After looking at the color card, I may be ordering some of this fantastic yarn in at least two other color ways direct.

My plan was to not add any yarn to the stash until I had cleared out at least 2 sweater’s worth. Well, I am sending two sweater’s worth of yarn to a certain knitter I know in Chicago. And my SIL is looking at the cotton yarns that I have pulled out of the stash. I need to check with her and see what she thinks of some of the yarns. She is worse than I am about adding yarns to her stash and never using them. So I only gave her one skein of the cotton yarns to feel and look at. If she can’t tell me that she will be using them in the next 6 months, I am taking them back. My stitch group has cotton lovers. And the amount of cotton pulled from the stash was just about three sweaters worth. So I don’t feel too bad about adding sweater yarn back into the stash.

My goal for this winter is to knit myself at least two sweaters. And I have to finish off several socks that are on the needles. I counted and I have about 6 socks on the needles. Several of them are second socks. So the plan is to finish off two second socks before starting a new pair.

And since I have been lazy and not taken any yarn or knitting photos, today’s photos are signs of fall in the mid-Atlantic.


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6 responses to “Knitting Time – I Think

  1. I hope your ankle will heal quickly! Beautiful flower!

  2. I’m sorry about your ankle. Hope it heals super fast!
    I have seen A Cardigan For Arwen in person, and I think it will look GORGEOUS in that heathery grey purple! Good luck.

  3. Cardigan for Arwen is gorgeous. and i can’t wait to see what pansy looks like. any ideas for sweater number two? i’ve got to cast on for my tilted duster; that was to be my preggy cardi for the fall. but as warm as i feel, i wonder whether i’ll wear any sweaters this fall before baby is born…

    ps hope the ankle heals soon. too bad about all the repeat injuries and how that takes longer to heal. when i lived in alaska i sprained both my ankles so many times. the ground there was more springy than what i was used to (think red clay in the mountain south).

  4. Oh no, I hope your ankle heals quickly and that you get a better aircast!

    2 sweaters’ worth of yarn?!?! Wowza!!! 🙂 I have some lovely things for you, too, which may help with your recovery.

    A Cardigan for Arwen is beautiful, and it should be a fun knit. I like Shepherd’s Wool — it’s so soft and springy, perfect for the cables.

  5. Linda

    I never thought your ankle was broken. What a way to end the Fair. Your new knitting project sounds like fun.

  6. Mia, i’m so sorry you busted your ankle. what a bummer. i hope it heals quickly and stops hurting so much.
    that yarn you bought for the arwen cardi is so loveley, and affordable, too. unuaual for a small mill spun yarn. looks luscious too. your sweater will be gorgeous.