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Fall is Here

Fall is here finally in the mid-Atlantic. The cooler weather has finally arrived. And the fall rains are here keeping everything green. But the leaves that have fallen stand out against the green grass. So far all of the leaves that I have seen are golden. The squirrels are really busy. I am seeing more and more squirrels every day. And each and every one has a nut in his mouth when I see them. Of course, there is a black walnut tree in my yard which might explain the nuts.

I managed to pick a few pounds of Roma tomatoes last night before the rain arrived. Sarah and I have been emailing back and forth about freezing veggies. She was planning on making some spaghetti sauce to freeze in small portions. Since that sounded like a good idea, I decided to do the same. My neighbor in the back always overplants and he does not mind if I pick tomatoes and other veggies so long as I check with him first. Let’s just say that I could have picked way more than I did last night and not made a dent in the tomatoes. I will be making spaghetti sauce and roasting tomatoes this weekend.

I also did manage to get some knitting in since I am trying to finish up some UFO sock projects. I finished a pair that has been on the needles since late August last night. Of course, I am weaving in ends but the socks are done. I am taking part in Socktoberfest but before I can start a new pair of socks, I have to finish at least one other pair that have been on the needles for awhile. I really want to make the Boo! socks pattern that I found over on Ravelry. I even have lime green sock yarn to make them. I also know some one who thinks the only holiday worth celebrating is Halloween. Wonder if she needs a new pair of socks……

Ankle update. I had my appointment with the orthopedist this morning. And the ankle is fractured. Technically, it is the tip of the fibula has a hairline fracture. The x-rays show the bone spur that is the result of the last time I broke it. The fracture is right above the old break. The treatment for a hairline fracture is actually the same treatment as it is for a sprain. I get to wear this really nifty brace for at least the next 3 weeks. But I do have a better brace than the one I was given at urgent care. The new one is one I can wear with regular shoes. I do not have to wrap my ankle so long as I wear the brace. And I am supposed to take it easy until I go back at the end of the month. So I guess running a marathon is out. Wait, I have no plans to ever run a marathon. The recovery for the ankle is going to take several months though. I have injured this ankle previously though so the ligaments and tendons are going to take longer to heal. So although the fracture will heal fast, it is the tendons and ligaments that take forever to heal. The funny thing is that my brother and my nephew both have problems with the same ankle. My nephew has a weak left ankle and yet he is able to run cross country. And my brother broke his left ankle years ago bad enough to require surgery and a few screws. So there may be something to genetics after all.

And photos of the finished socks tomorrow. I will finish weaving in the ends tonight.


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