Cooler Temperatures Ahead

The colors in this leaf are the colors of fall

The colors in this leaf are the colors of fall

Fall is really here. I actually had to turn on the heat yesterday morning for the first time. And it the heat was running this morning when I got up. I actually wore hand knit socks yesterday for the first time this season. And funny enough I have already finished the first pair of socks for Socktoberfest!! Okay the yarn is a summer weight yarn but I plan to wear them year round. The yarn is Regia Bamboo Color and the pattern is a variation of the Tutti Frutti pattern I found over on Ravelry. I changed the pattern to a toe up version and added ribbing to the top of the socks. I may end up giving these socks to my niece since the yarn is machine washable. My SIL is still trying to get her to learn to sort her own laundry. (SIL does resort after T and JT have sorted their own laundry just to prevent accidental red underwear.)

I have also been good and not started a new pair of socks yet. I need to finish one more pair that is already on the needles first. I have a pair where I need to turn the heel on the second sock and finish the leg. P has been complaining that her feet are cold in her office.

These are the reds I want to see in my yarns!

These are the reds I want to see in my yarns!

I have been on the hunt for red leaves on the trees. The leaves are starting to turn and everything is either gold or green. But there is a tree right down the street that has some red on its branches. Broken ankle or not, I am hoping to get up into one of the state this weekend. I am thinking that I may end up towards Emmitsburg where the leaves should be nice and starting to color. I noticed that the leaves were starting to have better color yesterday as I went to pick up JT from cross country practice.

This weekend will be spent knitting and sewing since I need to finish up a few sewing projects along with the knitting projects. I just realized how fast the holidays are approaching and that I need to finish gifts that will have to be mailed overseas. I started one of the fast knit gifts last night but I am not liking how it is turning out. I can’t believe that I only have one size 15 needle and it is a metal needle. The yarns I am using are too slippery for a metal needle. I will have to stop at the LYS tonight on my way out to hear a friend’s band play. Is it rude to knit while listening to a band play in a coffee shop? I hope not.


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5 responses to “Cooler Temperatures Ahead

  1. I have 15s you could borrow, but then you couldn’t work on it tonight…

  2. The mountains have turned color and may get snow this weekend, but our valley doesn’t have much color as yet. That red is gorgeous…keep looking for yarn!
    Of course you can knit and listen in a coffee shop. It’s de rigeur. 😉

  3. It is definitely not rude to knit while listening to live music. Several friends and I have started doing that all over Providence. I like your latest socks. That is a really cute yarn.

  4. Love those fall colors. Maybe you could dye your own yarn??

  5. I think it’s wonderful that nature inspires your color choices, Mia. I wish you had a catalogue of items to choose from. How do I go about ordering a pair of your socks? I’m thinking they’re going to be perfect for those cold, wet Taiwan winters. I’m going home to Canada next month and will be there until Christmas. I’d love to sport some of your cozies while I’m home.