Fear of Zippers

The bag made by Sarah

The bag made by Sarah

Strange title but I am honestly afraid of trying to sew a zipper into a project. I have long admired the box bags that I have seen on Etsy. I have even found tutorials on how to make them. But I have this fear of putting in zippers on sewn items. It probably has something to do with the home ec class I was required to take in seventh grade.

I have been admiring the beautiful ones made by Sarah. She keeps telling me that there is nothing to putting in the zippers. Maybe I will try it now. About a month ago, I sent Sarah the leftovers from some mini quilts that I had done for a Flickr swap. And as a thank you for sending her the scraps, she made me a box bag. Yes, I sent her scraps and she sent me a knitting bag!!

Not only was the bag cute in and of itself, she sent it filled with some really nice goodies. Of course, some of the goodies didn’t last long enough to be photographed. I had the bag with me last night when I had to pick up my niece from volleyball practice. My niece likes to see what I have in my knitting bag and she immediately focused on the new bag. She was kind of cute when she opened the bag to see what was inside it. She was trying to divide everything inside the bag into two piles! There were several herbal tea bags along with some Toblerone. The tea bags were neatly divided into two piles. The chocolate was all in one pile which she was trying to claim. Now I don’t mind sharing the tea and chocolate with her but I had to draw the line at her next division of the spoils. She was trying to claim a skein of the sock yarn for her own stash!!! The sock yarn is actually a color that I love but don’t really have in the stash – red.

A few of the treats fund inside the bag

A few of the treats fund inside the bag

The settlement was that she got to keep all of the tea bags and I got two of the chocolate bars. She had no interest in the biscotti so I was allowed to keep it. I reminded her that she had just gotten a new skein of yarn for her stash from me last week. Yes, I do feed her stash occasionally since it stops her from wanting to steal um borrow from my stash.

I really love this bag that Sarah made me. I will have to find some zippers first. I have plenty of fabric on hand. And my little yarnista in the making has a birthday coming up. Thank you Sarah for making me push past this hurtle.


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7 responses to “Fear of Zippers

  1. Wow! What a great friend!

  2. Deb

    I love those bags too. I think I just might have to get one.
    I am envious of all your world travels.

  3. you can do it!!
    watch out for those little stash divers…one of my sisters shops almost exclusively in my stash!

  4. Ooooohhhh that red is gorgeous!!! Would you mind sharing what yarn/color it is?

    You know… zippers are not really hard to do. It is a bit like steeking, you just need to dive in and do it… not that I’ve ever steeked, but you get the idea don’t ya 🙂 ?

    Cheers Eva

  5. When I put in zippers I always baste the zipper seam, sew in the zipper then rip the basted seam.

    Cool bag, cool goodies inside it!!

  6. That is a cute bag and what great goodies! I too have a fear of zippers. If there is a knitting project that requires it I won’t do it because I’m too afraid to sew the zipper on.

  7. That really is a cute bag you received!